XGN World of Tanks New Blood Tournament Review! By XGN SirEros61

As for New Blood WoT in partnership between Acorn ESports and WNF (Wednsday Night Fights), this is an ongoing tournament being run each month.

Doomsday, one of XGN’s WoT (World of Tanks) New Blood teams, took the field Saturday 9/16/17 where we gave it our all on the field. Even though we lost the 1st round match, it was against what was litterally a Silver ranked team. We had only a little time to prepare for this time in the New Blood Tournament.

Apocalypse, our other XGN WoT (World of Tanks) team, got a first round bye as the Tournament was 2 short of full roster. When they took the field in the second round, they also gave it their all once again being brought up against a high end Bronze ranked team, we were eliminated in our first official fielding of our teams.

We are already looking forward to running our next tryouts for the October New Blood Competition, to take place the weekend of 9/30/17. This will start on Saturday continuing into Sunday as needed. We will be taking our 20 best and brightest tankers take the field. Where we will have better prepared teams to carry the XGN flag into battle.

In order to best do this we ask the following of each Division:
First that each Division creates an Event staff within each Division with a Primary and Secondary.

Then that each Division holds competitions in each Division between their members that want to participate in the “New Blood” competition and beyond, picking their 10 best tankers to compete in the tryouts each month.

The main pre-requisite for joining the teams is to “Register with Acorn ESports verifying you are registered by signing in and being able to see that you can buy merchandise”. Failure to do this means the member cannot participate in the New Blood competition.

We are looking to, in the next few months, take one of these Teams into a higher level of competition. Keeping the best of the best to run long term, and truly show all of WoT just how dedicated we are. The second Team of which, will be for all of the other members to have a chance to participate in the New Blood Tournament. Where if any of them outclass one of those in the Competition tag, they will be moved in and the other moved out. We look at this as a “New and Undiscovered World” one to “Explore and Conquer”.

This is the XGN Idea going forward starting in New Blood and beyond in all WoT (World of Tanks) venues.

PS: The battles we have won is as follows, many of those people who were hating on XGN have started to realize that many of the rumors and reputations that have been negative is fading away. They are starting to see XGN as human and more. So though we did not win the Tank matches we are winning the war where reputation matters.

*Edited for spelling/grammar by XGN Jessi 7*

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