Supporting Streamers One Sub at a Time! By XGN Jessi 7


It’s no secret that watching streamers on Twitch has become one of our newest forms of entertainment. Whether it be a gamer that plays competitively, one that plays to troll, or to watch an MLG or UMG Event live.

One of the biggest goals of Xiled Gaming Network other than the ultimate goal to have a safe community where gamers can come together for the game and be themselves, is to have a large presence in Media, more specifically YouTube and Twitch.

In order to reach this goal, the Community needs the help of its members and fans. This is where Twitch Subscriptions come into play. Becoming a follower of a Twitch channel is similar to following someone on Twitter or on Instagram, but subscriptions is what will really help support not only the community, but the members who stream for our community.

By purchasing a paid subscription to the XGN Community Twitch channel, you are helping to give back to the community to help with day to day costs, but not JUST that. A paid subscription would help support the streamers by being able to make an income to keep doing what they do for us. They would be able to have the latest game to play with the members and stream for us, as well as making sure they have the correct means of doing so.

None of this is to personally benefit them, please stop thinking that anyone in our community is here to make a profit for themselves because they are not. Any and all donations or subscriptions come right back here, to Xiled Gaming Network, to the members. So we can keep doing what we do for you all day, every day.

So where do you get started with a subscription? First off for any channel to be able to have subscribers, they must meet a high bar, which is not easy. The channel, or community in our case, must apply for a partnership or be affiliated with Twitch. To even be considered for a partnership you must have a consistent viewership of min. 500 people per stream, or have 100,000 subs on YouTube. Also Twitch keeps a share of the revenue that partnered streamers make.

Subscriptions come in different tiers, for example the XGN Community Twitch Channel has the following:
– Channel Supporter: $4.99/mo
– XGN Partner: $9.99/mo
– VIP Supporter: $24.99/mo

What do you get with your subscription and support of the community Twitch?
– Exclusive emoticons channel specific for use in chat rooms
– Subscriber Badge specific to the channel
– Customizable messages: personalized messages sent in the chat when your subscription renewal alert is posted in the chat
– Exclusive Subscriber Chats: If a channel has a chat for Subs only to be able to better interact with those who support them, you got it!
– Exclusive Competitions: If a streamer holds a special competition that gives more entries to subscribers or to subscribers only
– Ad-Free Viewing: If a channel chooses to reward their subscribers with ad-free viewing

Do you have Amazon Prime or Prime Video? You’re in a lot of luck because with your Amazon Prime membership, you have a Twitch Prime membership included at no additional cost. This gives you the ability to have a FREE $4.99 subscription to ANY Twitch Partnered or Affiliated channel.

Not only do you gain a free channel subscription, but you also get the goodies involved with the paid subscription, along with access to games and in game content at no additional cost, expanded chat color options, and a prime member only badge.

Please, help support our streamers and our community. We are not asking for all of you to go and pay for the highest subscription rate, if $4.99 is what you can reasonably afford that is okay, you are not less of a person because of it. If you subscribe, you will be known as a asset to the community for helping to support the common goals of the community. Overall we want to be better for you, we want to help you realize YOUR goals and dreams. Twitch subscriptions are a huge step in that forward direction.

We appreciate all of our members and all that you do to keep this community going. Without all of you, the community would not be what it is today. So thank you all very much, for keeping your dreams alive in Xiled Gaming Network.

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