XGN Media Department Update!


Today I had the honor of sitting down and chatting with one of XGNs’ most prominent Division Leaders, XGN Phage XC, who is over our PC division. Phage joined back in October of 2016 and likes the media a lot in his own words, “the media team gives me a chance to help the community in terms of recruitment and put our name out there, and gives you a chance to show everyone what you like about our community.” Phage as of December has taken over the Media Department and has given me some insight as to what is new since he has taken over and what he is trying to fix.

Since he has taken over Phage describes it as “A purge of the old and the new”. Due to the fact he has reshaped the structure of the media department to the point where there are two separate sections. Streaming, which consist of Twitch, Mixer, and other live streaming methods, and video editing/YouTube. Lately he has been working on revamping the YouTube side of the Media Department, and to follow that on this same subject Mr.XGN and Phage have been bouncing ideas back and forth on the video editing team. Phage didn’t want to give away all the details but he did say  “the video editing team will be working closely with other departments.” He said he couldn’t reveal much more but to definitely stay tuned cause this is gonna be big and something we definitely don’t want to miss he assured me.

In conclusion the media team has seen a lot of changes all for the better and more changes are sure to come with Phage as the Media Head, and I can assure you we don’t want to miss them so stay tuned for more.

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