An XGN Forums Update! By XGN Jessi 7

Hey XGN, welcome to your monthly installment of the Xiled Gaming Network Forums Update!

In the past month there have been changes to the XGN Web Staff, and we are proud to announce our promotions and welcome our newest members to the staff! Please join me in congratulating;

Hyperion promoted to Web Ops Co-Director
Insomnia taking the Web Staff Advisor Position
XGN Harley VII promoted to Administrator
Vampire Princess promoted to Administrator
XGN x Legendx promoted to Global Moderator
Jinxy promoted to Global Moderator
Orion Naffar becoming Moderator
XGN Cyclone VII becoming Moderator
XGN SweetTea becoming Moderator
XGN Oreo 7 becoming Moderator
XGN Forms becoming Moderator
XGN Bleu becoming Moderator

Additionally in an effort to become more unified as a whole, all of the XGN Web Departments have combined their Discord Servers. This creates a better line of communication between all Web based Departments for the XGN Forums, so nothing will be lost in translation. May I say, it was an amazing idea.

Something that I would like to give a highlight in this update, is the Member Feedback Survey. Leadership encourages all members to take part and complete this survey. The goal is to hear not only the praises of Xiled Gaming Network, but to hear the concerns as well. With this information, Senior Leadership will be able to better gauge what changes (if any) need to be made within the Community.

Please head to to fill out this survey today!

On the topic of Applications, we encourage all of our members to engage with the Web Departments. These Departments are here for all members to enjoy, as well as have a chance to work in them. Applications to the various Web Departments can easily be found on the Forums under their designated area. Please be advised that some departments only open their applications on an “as needed” basis, and you may find that they are closed at this current time. Do not let this discourage you from applying! Take a chance to get involved, and help make the experience better for not only yourself, but for the Community as a whole.

There have been changes in various Departments throughout the forums,so many in fact that it would make this article way too long. Coming soon from the News Department, there will be update articles posted for these Departments on the XGN homepage. You can read all of the posted articles at! Simply select “News” from the menu bar, and you can choose from the different categories of articles that have been posted!

As always we would love to hear from you, the members! What can we do better? What suggestions do you have that you would like to see on the forums? Sound off in the comments below to let us know what you have in mind. As always you can hit up the Suggestion Box in the Member Assistance Area!

Catch you all next month for the next Xiled Gaming Network Forums Update!

<3 Jessi

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