XGN Events Hosts Rolling Gamenight This Saturday!

Get ready folks we have a great Rolling Gamenight ahead being hosted by XGN Events Department!

The games begin this Saturday, March 24th at 4:15pm eastern with Rainbow 6 Siege hosted by XGN Crack.

The gamenight schedule will continue through the evening as follows:

Game – Host – Time
Minecraft- XGN OREO 7 5:15-6:15pm est
Gears OF WAR- XGN ClamTheGod 6:15-7:15pm est
Overwatch- XGN JEDX 7:15-8:15pm est
Taking a Break 8:15-9:15pm est
Rainbow 6- XGN Flowside9:15-10:15pm est
Prominice Poker- XGN UndeadLuci 10:15-11:15pm est
WWII- XGN Poseidon 11:15-12:15pm est
WOT- XGN Preston 7 12:15-1:15am est

Make sure you contact these awesome XGN Events Department staff hosts if you’d like to join in on this gamenight!

Remember to have fun! 🙂

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