XGN Events To Host Rolling Gamenight!

Article By: MsGlitter

Prepare yourselves for XGN’s rolling gamenight! These gamenights will be happening this Saturday, January 27th from 5 PM Eastern all the way through midnight. XGN Events has set up different games and times for all members. Here’s the schedule for the 27th:

5 PM EST – Minecraft – XGN Oreo 7
6 PM EST – TC Division – XGN Fluid
7 PM EST – Overwatch – XGN Jedx
9 PM EST – WWII – XGN Bloodsaint
10 PM EST – WoT – XGN Preston
11 PM EST GTA V – XGN Naturedland
12 PM EST – Rainbow Six Siege- XGN Firepantz

If you have any questions about any of these game nights, you can get in touch with the hosts of the game night. Have fun everyone!

Be sure to keep an eye out for the next set of events to come from XGN Events for the community!

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