What’s Happening in Reign of Death: World of Tanks Squad Battle!



Today I had the chance to sit down with some fellow members of RoD and got to talk about these tank tournament between two of RoDs squads Panther and Freedom.

According to the general of Freedom Radial these were no spontaneous upbringing like many may believe in fact he made it clear that the competitions between Panther and Freedom had been around for ages but died out a while back. However all the people I interviewed agreed on one thing the one we know as XGN BK 7 is to thank for the revival of these squad rivalry based tournaments.

So far there has been 2 tournaments all of which Panther has won however the last was a very close match.And the tiers run are usually between 3-6 so far so things can get interesting from running a locust to a M36 either way there is a lot of variety involved to make these competitions available to newest of recruits and the oldest dogs. They usually receive about 20 members in total about 10 on each team all so far have been Panther vs Freedom however in the event of a back up being needed a member from another squad in RoD can fill in that place.

So far the favorite part of the tournament isn’t only the competition but the participation the growth in activity among the squads the communication building between the team mates and the sheer comradery is what is loved most about these competitions .Now the competition comes with no prizes but the general of Freedom stated, “the fun of winning itself is a prize” which is really ironic because they have yet to win a single competition but i’m sure this next match will turn the tables with a attitude like that.

The next Tank tournament will be live streamed for those interested in catching it hit Xgn BK 7 up  for more details on this squad rivalry.Some of the MVPs according to the squad leaders are as follows.

Panther MVPs

XGN REIGNOFDEATH-he has mad artillery skills according to his general and colonel

XGN Tesdar-was recommended by XGN IOWA

XGN SMOK3 eater- was recommended by XGN IOWA

XGN IOWA-was recommended by XGN Jallenxo


Freedom MVPs

XGN SEALINGOWL- XGN RADIALx stated that, “he is really pushing and helping us”

XGN RED DAWN122-recommended by XGN RADIALx

XGN PANDA30- “ one of our best tanker experts” stated XGN RADIALx



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