VIP Giveaways Are Back, Get your VIP today! By XGN Jessi 7

With the recent XGN Forums update bringing clubs to our members, those who have VIP Forums membership you have access to the VIP Club. Being a VIP member comes with its perks, including VIP ONLY Giveaways!

Mr XGN himself, has recently jump started the VIP Giveaways in a big way with this most recent VIP Kontrol Freek Giveaway, in which 2 pairs of the Destiny 2 CQC Signature Edition grips will be given away.

I mean these are pretty sweet, am I right? VIP members who enter will get 1 entry, but ELITE members will get 3 entries. But the only way to be a part of this giveaway that ends on August 23rd, is to become a VIP member.

Why should you become a VIP member? Well let me give you a quick list of perks that you gain as VIP.
– VIP Only giveaways on Forums
– Become Verified on the XGN Forums
– Unlimited bandwidth when uploading to member gallery
– Ability to create albums in the member gallery
– Purchase your own club for just $3 (reg. $9.99)
– Purchase your own Group and Awards for $10 (Awards reg. $14.99 & Groups reg. $19.99)
– Option to purchase ELITE VIP for $3.99 Per Month

What is ELITE VIP?
Members have been asking to donate to support XGN instead of seeing constant ads. Normally these ads support the monthly cost of running the XGN server, but with ELITE all ads are removed from the site for those members.

The cost of ELITE VIP is $3.99 per month for those who already have VIP, and can be purchased by non-VIP members for $9.99 per month.

In addition, all ELITE subscribers are given 1 free club for as long as they are a subscriber!

Take a look in the XGN Marketplace for your membership options.

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