Triple Helix Division Review With XGN RIZZI

I had the pleasure to interview XGN RIZZI for the Division Review on Triple Helix after the division split. The interview was packed full of laughs, and promising futures. Good job, TH!

E: “So how’s it feel finally split Triple Helix after everything it has gone through?”

R: “It feels fantastic, we broke the curse; the Helix’s are alive.”

E: “I know you’ve been working towards this for awhile, what was the hardest part of working towards the split?”

R: “Damn, I don’t know, organizing and coordinating with all the squads in a whole and realizing I’d have to say goodbye to Terra and Ish within Triple Helix.”

E: “What made you choose the name that you did? I know DH, Double Helix, is an old division name but how many names did you go through before help choosing?”

R: “We didn’t go through any names, the choice was quick and easy, we are bringing back the Helix’s.”

E: “Now that your new Division has been created, what squads and division staff went over to DH?”

R: “The ones that went over to DH are Silver, Legacy, and Synergy. I had to say goodbye to my Fluffy friend, XGN Mr Fluffy, Mister Lover Boy, XGN Jay 7, Forever Founder, XGN DeltaFTW, my Hispanic friend,  XGNxB33ZLEBUBx, and many others.”

E: “Which division staff and squads stayed in TH after the split?”

R: “Krypton, Nexus, and our junior squad The Hundred. [The division staff who stayed were] XGN TwistedDawn, Kratos of XGN, and XGN Bid.”

E: “How does it feel to have finally attained the rank of Division Leader?”

R: “It feels great, I’m very happy with it and it is just one step closer to Senior Director.”

E: “Do you have any plans now that you are Division Leader, any projects that you would like to start in your division?”

R: “How do I word this? I want this division to continue to be the high standards of XGN, my other main focus is to make sure everyone is interacting with other members, having fun, and staying united as a family.”

E: “Has the popular game(s) in your division changed since the split?”

R: “Yes, we’ve brought back Destiny. Before the split, Destiny got merged into another squad, and became non existent but through the influence and getting the right staff on board, Destiny is getting on track and ready for Destiny 2.”

E: “How do you manage your real life with your time as a Division Leader, and is it more challenging to do so since becoming a Division Leader?”

R: “My only statement is, what real life?”

E: “Are you doing anything different than TH used to do as being the Division Leader now?”

R: “I am getting myself more involved and spreading a little bit of Rizzi’s positive vibes to everyone. I am making sure as a Div Leader that I am there for the people that need advice and knowledge; but also as a member, I am there as a friend. So, feel free to slide up in my DMs.”

E: “Lastly, what are your goals for TH?”

R: “My goals for TH are to grow strong, to welcome any gamer, and hopefully by the end of summer to split into another Helix.”

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