The Update We Have Waited Too Long For!

Article By XGN Mr Pretzels

Destiny 2’s Warmind DLC expansion is the newest expansion and has been waited on by the community for over six months. Most players can agree that the Curse of Osiris DLC was pointless and too comical, making many players quit playing the game after completing it as it had little added content that was worth the time getting. The second expansion to the game came with the release of Season 3 items. This included new exotics like;

The Huckleberry (Submachine Gun)

Suros Regime (Auto Rifle)

Worldline Zero (Sword)

Sleeper Simulant (Linear Fusion Rifle)

Polaris Lance (Scout Rifle)

While the initial added Campaign was short, (It took my fireteam an hour and a half to complete), was fairly easy. The final boss battle with the Hive Worm God, Xol, took less then ten minutes and it seemed like he had no real attack moves, in fact, not one of my fireteam members took any damage from Xol during the battle, and only one of us died, (That being me, but that was because after we killed him, his dead body landed on me). With the short campaign, Bungie left plenty of extra things to complete as far as quest lines go.

There are plenty of exotics that have very long quest lines, giving you hours of things to do, not to mention the new light cap at 385. This new max light level gives players a reason to do their weekly milestones as it is one of the few ways to get better gear, as well as the raids. According to Bungie, the light level advancement from levels 340 to 370 will be the same time it takes to get to 370 to 380.

With that in mind it is crazy to think how long this will take. Myself as an avid player of the game was only able to get to light level 355 in the first week. I started off by doing my milestones and getting myself near the 348 mark during the week when my time was limited, come the weekend I got a raid group together and did both leviathan raids. I suggest doing the raids last in order to obtain higher leveled gear. This will definitely keep players engaged in order to receive new gear and advance further in Destiny 2, especially those who have more than one character.

The new DLC did bring some changes that players are not too happy about, from matchmaking still being broken to resetting heroic strikes level, some players, including myself, were not happy with these changes. One of the steps to obtaining powerful gear each week in Destiny is to complete three heroic strikes. Bungie decided with the new level caps to reset the new light level standard. This new level sits around 350. Most players who have completed the campaign are around 340, making these strikes impossible. I played these strikes firsthand and found them to be quite difficult at such low light level to the point of leaving the strike entirely.

One of thing players have going forward for them is the new raid layer, Spire of Stars. While I have yet to experience it myself, I have heard that it is the hardest raid Bungie has created. It took the clan ‘Redeem’, over 7 hours to finish the boss battle. What this means for destiny players is yet unknown and I hope to learn more about it in the future.

Even with these things being bestowed upon us, it is clear that Bungie has finally made a small step in the right direction. If Bungie continues to listen to its community and what it wants we will see some great things coming to Destiny 2.


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