Leadership Makes Major Change To Suicide Policy

In Xiled Gaming Network we take our members’ well being very seriously. For example the extent we go to on the front of security to keep hostile gamers and communities/clans out of our own community. When it comes to self harm or suicide, with the previous policy it was strictly for Senior Leadership only to handle in order to not further any actions by a member who was considering self harm or suicide, as to not cause the community or the member who was trying to help, any legal recourse.

Now in a huge change from Mr XGN & the Board of Directors, XGN welcomes a new change to this policy. The change allows the Senior Leadership in the community to be of more assistance to the member as far as how we can help them.

As stated by Mr XGN in a recent community announcement:
“Recently myself and fellow leaders of our organization have been redeveloping procedures of handling suicide/self harm situations. For the longest time we have stood by our method of handling said policy because we simply could not be legally liable. Recently I met with a lady from a Comprehensive Online Center seeking guidance on HOW we as a gaming commUNITY can legally do more for our members. She was very helpful and I took notes of our conversation. I spent hours of reading through educational portals and with the input of the Board of Directors the Suicide Policy has now been changed. I hope you take the time to read over this and educate yourselves on this change. Remember this is a family, and we need to stay by our members side the way we expect them to do for us. Good or bad, All is One<3”

The start of this policy changes leads off with a more educational approach.
   “Members of XGN will receive a reminder of our community Suicide Policy by their Squad Leadership and/or Division Staff the first Squad Meeting of each month. This reminder will include the importance of safe and healthy choices. Members will be informed not to make promises of confidence when they are concerned about a peer or significant other. Members who are in need of intervention will be referred to the Division Leader/Senior Leadership team for screening and recommendations.”

I had the chance to speak to one of my fellow squad mates from Revenge WAG, XGN BobCat Bo. When I asked him what he thought about the new policy change, he had this to say; “I think the new policy will be better because we can catch suicide threats easier.”

As a part of the new policy, leadership now give recommendations in order to better help the member with an opportunity for treatment and assistance, where as in the previous policy the member in crisis was immediately Membership Revoked. The new policy also offers a variety of hotlines by country to let the member in crisis know that there are resources out there to receive help.

Coming from myself, my boyfriend has struggled in the past with depression and suicidal thoughts. The one thing he had always told me about his past struggle was not always having someone to talk to about what he was going through, or a way to get help. For me the fact that this new policy has more of a “hands on” rather than a “hands off” approach to help our members means so much to me personally. I have seen what these thoughts can do to a person, I am thankful that my boyfriend had the opportunity at that point in his life that he had people that had come to his support so that we were able to meet again and have the great life together that we do now.

We are asking everyone to please review this policy (https://xgn.gg/suicide-policy)  in full with a fine tooth comb. Please educate yourself to know the signs, so that we may help our members.

If you are having trouble, please know that we are here for you. You can get through this and we will always be here for you no matter what. <3

Article by: XGN Jessi 7
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