Squad Spotlight: Wrath Game or Die! By XGN Jager 7

 With the first Web Ops sponsored Squad Forums Posting out of the way, XGN saw the rise of an underdog from the midst of a division steeped in silence for some time. Wrath, GoD won with an astounding 681 posts; blowing even the nearest competitors clean out of the water. Weighing in a 52 members and the result of a recent three-way squad merge, Wrath wasn’t the first or the last squad thought of for the spotlight, but when challenged, the rose to the occasion to claim the crown.

This writer had the pleasure of speaking with the General of Wrath to discuss his squad, his time within it, upcoming activities, and general information about the squad itself. Originating in GoD, XGN Hype had left and returned to the Division of SoW before ending up in Wrath. Working there since that time, he’s been General more than once and seen the changes in the community as well as attained the honor of being one of the first crop of LDP Masters.

When asked how it felt to be the General of such a prestigious squad, Hype spoke proudly; stating that it has been a rewarding experience for him to see what he’s built with so many others thrive and succeed. It’s been a long time in the making and, though they have yet to work out some issues, it’s stood at the forefront of GoD’s return to power.

Scheduling many events to come, Hype plans to host a Leadership Workshop on Friday the 8th of September. He also stated that many of his officers have recruiting and training workshops planned over the weekend to supplement his newest Officers’ and Master Sergeants’ knowledge. With the newest crop of Staff Sergeants arising, Hype hopes to move many of these Master Sergeants up to Lieutenant soon. Likewise, ever eager for a challenge, the Wrath Headhunters Team will be hosting a practice together in preparation for a potential divisional squad vs. squad tournament that has been rumored to be in the makings.

But what does it feel like to win the first crown of an event just off its feet and to be so publicly acknowledged by the community as a whole? “It feels really awesome”, he stated proudly. “The week prior I told my staff what I required of them and then, here the next week, we won the spotlight…this shows we can work as a team.”

Hype attributed much of the success of these most recent accolades to a single officer, XGN Tsar; an officer he believes contributed over 500 posts on his own; though he is far from the only officer he mentioned. Wishing to offer and acknowledge the combined efforts of XGN Spider VI, XGN Inceptionz, and XGN iicekidd (Colonel, Captain, and Lieutenant, respectively), he stated he would like to “give them a special thanks for handling situations without having to go directly to me and especially with the forums posting and getting the spotlight. It means a lot.”

Pumped and fresh from their victory, Wrath plans to continue its celebrations and continue to move on with its plans for activities, promotions, and growth. “I’m really excited”, Hype ended “To see where Wrath is going as a squad and I’m really excited to see where GoD will go..I do feel like this is the best Wrath has seen in several months.” 

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