Squad Spotlight: Leopard Dealers of Death! By XGN Oreo 7

Hello Gamers and Readers!

Leopard DoD is an original squad from back in the day, however recently Division Staff brought Leopard back as a Junior Squad in the Dealers of Death Division. The name Leopard comes from a tier 10 tank from the German line in the game ‘World of Tanks’, the game that DoD grew around.

Leopard Dod, was brought back around a month ago to help grow Dealers of Death in numbers by bringing in a Junior Squad. Doing this expanded DoD’s age range from 15 years of age & up, to 12 years of age & up. Leopard grew quickly and is already at 36 according to their CMS, which is run by their General, XGN Triskelion.

XGN Triskelion was originally from TOG II as the Colonel, however when the opportunity for running a Junior Squad came around he took the challenge and became Leopard’s General. XGN Triskelion runs this squad alone and he hasn’t had the time and members to bring up staff to take on the Major and Colonel positions.

I spoke to the General of Leopard, and he explained that his job role in his own words is, “amazing and tiring.” He then explained to me on how it has been growing and running a new Junior squad; “It’s been tiring, fun, annoying, but overall a real rollercoaster of emotions.” One would say that being a General of a new Junior Squad is not only a privilege, but also a hardworking role.

Every General of a squad has goals for their squad, this is what XGN Triskelion said his goals for Leopard are. “My goals for Leopard are standard to other squads. Such as growing, getting staff, making sure people are enjoying themselves, but I also hope to get this squad to where no other Junior squad could possibly even match us.” Someone would assume XGN Triskelion wants to have Leopard the best Junior squad in XGN history.

Finally I asked XGN Triskelion how he keeps his squad organized as organization is the key to running a squad smooth and efficient. “I usually use the Tag and CMS when it comes to member organization, but I also use Google spreadsheets to keep track of their rank and make notes. Also any issues that came up with that member.”

I would also like to congratulate Leopard’s new Master Sergeant XGN Sparklz.

Thank you XGN Triskelion for answering my questions and taking time out of your day, and Thank you to you readers who have took the time to read this squad article.

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