Squad Spotlight: Churchill DoD! By XGN Oreo 7

Hello Gamers and Readers!

Today I am going to be going over Churchill, a squad in Dealers of Death that has been the heart and soul of DoD for years, being one of its oldest squads. Splitting from the original squad in Dealers of Death Panzer, Churchill has a long history and today I am going to be going over Churchill’s most recent events.

Churchill is currently being run by their General XGN Bloodknight, alongside him his newly promoted Colonel XGN HawkEye V and finally his Major XGN got2poo. Churchill has a member count of 87, with 11 of them being staff; an amazing result regarding Churchill’s most recent loss.

Churchill lost all their staff at the beginning of May 2017. Due to this, division staff decided to move XGN Bloodknight over to Churchill as a Major whilst they worked with him on becoming the new General. XGN Bloodknight worked tirelessly day and night on fixing Churchill and finally he was rewarded with the rank of General and a successful, well-running squad. Since then XGN Bloodknight has been working on promoting new leaders and growing his squad even more to hopefully split in the near future.

Luckily I managed to spare some of XGN Bloodknight’s time and successfully asked him a few questions about Churchill squad:


XGN Oreo 7: “What was Churchill’s state when you first came over from TOG II back in May?”

XGN Bloodknight: “It was in disarray. All of the officer staff left leaving no one around.”
XGN Oreo 7: “What is your most efficient way of keeping everything organised in Churchill?”

XGN Bloodknight 7: “I write everything down in a notebook, and when something needs to get done, I try to get it finished as soon as possible.”

XGN Oreo 7: “What do you and Churchill like to do to boost morale and turn a simple game night or workshop into fun?”

XGN Bloodknight: “We like challenges, we like to change who we game with every game night. We compete against each other for bragging rights and we also play ‘BK jeopardy.”

XGN Oreo 7: “What are your plans for Churchill’s future?”

XGN Bloodknight: “Constantly thriving to improve the camaraderie. Elect quality officers and staff, and possibly looking to split the squad soon.”

XGN Oreo 7: “Do you have anything to say to any other leaders out there who might be going through what you went through?”

XGN Bloodknight: “Hard work and perseverance pays off, just stay focused, and don’t be afraid to ask for help.”


I also managed to get with one of Churchill’s Staff Sergeants, HyuRin, who was originally in Chieftain DoD but when they merged into Churchill moved over with everyone else.


XGN Oreo 7: “How much has your squad progressed in the last couple months?”

HyuRin: “I’d say a lot, although I am really not sure. There have been a few transfers and stuff but the truth is, I don’t think I’ve seen a new face for around a week or so.”

XGN Oreo 7: “How has your experience been as a whole in Churchill?”

HyuRin: “Pretty Positive! Everyone fits in, I’m not sure if it’s just been my experience but, around here I almost feel like noone is in charge, however in a good way. We all try to take part in organizing things.”

XGN Oreo : “From your perspective how much has changed since you first came over from Chieftain?”

HyuRin: “A lot actually, in Chieftain honestly it felt like there was an innercircle. Sometimes i wouldn’t even get party invites to stuff, I’d have to force myself in. It was very easy to feel alienated. Now though it’s slightly different, although I do think discord has a lot to do with that. It’s much more easier to just ask or look for someone to play with in the main chat.”

XGN Oreo 7: “Where do you see Churchill reaching in the next couple months?”

HyuRin: “I honestly can’t really say, as far as I know, when a squad reaches a threshold of members it’s customary to split. I’m not too fond of that idea. What it means for churchill though is that it’ll never really grow. However I can see Churchill going down a good road.”

XGN Oreo 7: “Where do you see yourself in the next couple months as a member of the community?”

HyuRin: “I am not looking to rank up, but I can honestly say that I am going to stay in the community no matter where I am.”

Finally I would like to Congratulate all the recent promotions in Churchill, Dealers of Death on behalf of all of the XGN News Team;

XGN HawkEye V on achieving Colonel in Churchill

XGN got2poo on achieving Major in Churchill

XGN20buxis20bux on achieving 1st Captain in Churchill

XGN Razorback on achieving Master Sergeant in Churchill

XGN Spades 115 on achieving Master Sergeant in Churchill

XGN OwnDeath420 on achieving Master Sergeant in Churchill

Personally I would like to say Thank You to XGN Bloodknight and HyuRin on answering them questions; also Thank You to yourselves for reading this article and I hope you all have an amazing day.

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