Squad Spotlight: Chaotic WoA! By XGN Elysium & Aquapunch

Xiled Gaming Network has a lot to offer, and has a lot of squads who are working daily to make sure that everyone feels apart of the family. Today, Aquapunch and myself, XGN Elysium, took the time to breakdown our squad, Chaotic of WoA.(Warriors of Animosity) Chaotic is a small but mighty squad! Based strongly upon GTA V and Rainbow six Seige. You can always find something interesting to do with out fellow members. The staff of Chaotic is quite massive. I am the general and I am proud of the knowledge my staff has. We have six Captians, four Lieutenants, and a few Master sergeants. This article is an insight on myself and Aquapunch’s time in Chaotic itself.

How did you come across XGN?

A: I was crushed by a couple of guys in a CoD MWR. Then I got a message asking if I wanted to join. A week later I was in Chaotic!

E: I was in and out of competitive teams for the course of around 4 months, and I had a friend who had picked up in XGN and told me that it would be a great chance to meet more people. This was the beginning of 2016, and I just moved around when I was requested to, which ended up getting me moved to the one, and later on to Chaotic.

What is your favourite thing about Chaotic?

A: I love that we all play a bunch of different games. You can catch anyone any time. I am mainly an FPS player but have hopped in some fun games of GTA and Destiny!

E: My favourite thing about Chaotic has to be the people themselves. My staff members work endlessly to make sure that everyone is included and educated the way they need to be.

If you could change something about Chaotic, what would it be?

A: Things seem quiet lately. I would love to see the squad get a little more active.

E: Squad activity would be amazing to see more of. Our forums are quite well, but I’d love to see more in our workshops and game nights. I want my members to know that XGN is not just all about the meetings and tournaments.

What are activities like for you in Chaotic?

A: I generally attend meetings. Gamenights are tough with my family schedule. But at any given time I can hop in a party with anyone and play a few games.

E: Well, I am the general. So everything that goes on in Chaotic, I am made aware of. Meetings are very strict and straightforward. I like to get the Blacklist and CoC done so we can really break down those division notes. But I love to have a great laugh, I want members to not be afraid because I am the general, to approach me.

What is your favourite part about Chaotic?

A: Chaotic is super chill and not a lot of drama. Everyone is friendly and inviting even if you’re not gaming it’s good to hop in a party and chat!

E: My favourite part is the members, my staff are simply amazing working to help me keep everyone in check. They are very communicative with me and help me when I cannot be at the Xbox. I couldn’t ask for better members.

What is the biggest strength for Chaotic/WoA?

A: The very calm vibe and relaxed setting is the biggest strength for both. There is rarely any drama and everyone is looking to help everyone else.

E: The biggest strength that Chaotic has is the quality members we have. Quality over quantity are the words I live by when I speak about Chaotic. Every member in this squad is communicative and active when their schedule permits.

What is the vibe in Chaotic?

A: Everyone is laid back and super into memes which makes things fun and funny.

E: I can agree to that. Everyone is laid back and there is a lot of good laughs that are made within our squad and division as a whole.

What are your goals for Chaotic?

A: I would love to see more activity in Chaotic especially during different times. And of course more recruits always! More people means more activity. Would also love to see some competitive team action coming out of Chaotic.

E: My goal, is for right now to just make sure everyone feels welcomed and appreciated for the work they put in. I’d love to see some of my SSG’S come out of their shell and move to MSG. I want to work with as many people as I can.

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