Squad Spotlight: Agony WoA! By Aquapunch

I recently caught up with Sloth the Division Leader of Agony the junior division of Warriors of Animosity. Agony is currently at 62 members but it looks like he’s looking to try and split into two squads.

AP: What is the vibe like in Agony?

Sloth: “It’s a pretty relaxed place, the good thing about it is everyone is everyone’s friend, so people are always talking and hanging out with each other and despite the name of the division creates little animosity.”
AP: What goals do you have for Agony?

Sloth: “Short term goals are to get them a stable general so I don’t have to be acting general much longer. Long term however, [it’d] be great to split a junior squad because I wouldn’t mind having two in the division.”
AP: What is Agony’s biggest strength as a squad? And to that end WoA as a division?

Sloth: “Agony[’s] biggest strength I’d have to say is everyone is close with everyone. There is no drama here which is always a plus when dealing with juniors. And I think the same would go for WoA as a whole. I have very little drama here and I think that the fact that we  are a close knit group contributes largely to that. I came up in divisions that have had a lot of drama and that’s one of the biggest things I wanted to avoid as a div leader.”

AP:Is there anything in Agony, WoA, or XGN that you would change to help out your squad?

Sloth: “If I could have one thing to help the squad it would have to be the staff being more confident in themselves. They know what they can do and need to do, however sometimes they need to know that they can do it and believe in themselves.”


The youth coming up the ranks in XGN and in WoA seem to be a fun group of chill people who like to laugh. You’ll be able to catch Agony more often than not in Overwatch, R6: Siege, and Destiny.

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