Sponsor Spotlight: Scuf Gaming!

Article By: Echo of XGN

For those of you looking for a new controller; look no further! Scuf Gaming is constantly looking for new ways to improve and construct controllers made for you, by you!

With a new release used by ninety percent of all pro-gamers comes the Infinity 1! You can now have full control of a customizable set of joysticks both in shape in size to form fit your personal thumb signature. Need to quickly re-map and configure your settings to your controller? It is now easier to change settings on the fly anytime you need to.

Go check out the Infinity 1 for yourself, you will not be disappointed!

Every controller is designed, customized and detailed to suit your needs and wants! To order your own Infinity 1 customized controller head over to Scuf Gaming’s Website and use code “MrXGN” to receive a ten percent discount off your order.

Scuf Gamimg is the leading developer in controllers made for you by you!

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