Sponsor Spotlight: GamerCrates!

Article By: XGN Jessi 7

Have you ever wanted to buy gamer goodies, but can never decide what you actually want? Or look at everything that you do want but need to justify the money you’re spending? GamerCrates is your #1 solution.

For $21.99 +shipping per month, you can sign yourself up for a monthly subscription of GamerCrates. Each crate comes packed with 6 or more goodies centered around gaming. Each month with a different theme and bringing merchandise from some of the biggest names in eSports.

Crates in the past have given gamers GFuel, JerkyXP, jerseys, lanyards, socks, pins, charging cables, controller cases, KontrolFreeks, and merchandise from Pro organizations like Strictly Business, SoaR, and more!

Not only do they have their crate subscription, but you are given the option to purchase past month’s crates as they are available. You can also check out the ProShop for great deals on accessories, fuel and snacks, apparel & more!

As a sponsor of Xiled Gaming Network, when you shop using the code “XGN” you save 10% on your purchase!
Go ahead and check out GamerCrates today!

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