Shadow of the Colossus Remaster for PS4!

Article By: XGN MsGlitter

Hey gamers! On February 6, a remake of an action-packed game was released by Bluepoint Games: Shadow of the Colossus Remake, sold for $40. This game is exclusive to PS4.

The game originally released in 2005 on PS2, making its way back into our lives in just a few days! This remake is going to be the new big thing for you PS4 players!
While the storyline, characters, and mechanics are staying untouched, the game’s visuals will be totally different. This means that the environments, monsters, and much more will be clearer and easier to see and comprehend!
The main difference in the newest version is the graphics. We obviously didn’t have the technology we did back in 2005. So the remake is going to be bringing some kicking graphics (and the epic memories) to the Playstation!
In Shadow of the Colossus you play as an adventurous young man named Wander. He comes across a lifeless girl and he is determined to revive her. To do so, he must travel through the forbidden land and find the Colossi. When he seeks the all of these beasts and slays them only then may he restore the girl to life.
If you’re in to slaying monsters and running alongside your trusty steed, I believe this game is for you. Sounds like a great game to me!
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