Rumors in the air; Destiny 2 Armsweek?

Article By XGN Mr Pretzels

For the past two weeks the Destiny 2 subreddits on reddit have been exploding with information and rumors of hidden weapons, quest lines, and even events. Armsweek has been a rumored throughout the community due to Bungie making a post on its website. This has stirred plenty of rumors in the community and high hopes in players.

If players head over to Bungie’s website and search ‘Armsweek’ very few events will pop up, these shown events show ‘Locked Loadouts’. No current event, other than trials of the nine, contain locked loadouts. This only points that we have upcoming events like Armsweek.

Three of these events are Nightfall-specific and look like they reward players with exotic catalysts for three existing exotics: The Prospector, Hard Light, and Rat King. All three of these exotic weapons are currently without exotic catalysts, and players have been unable to find them naturally. This suggest they will be coming from these Nightfall Strikes. If Armsweek does become a new event, it would likely join the rotation of weekly events like Iron Banner and Faction Rally which are events players have witnessed many times before.

Armsweek definitely seems to be named after Armsday, which was a weekly event introduced in the Taken King expansion on Destiny 1. Players could order weapons with random stats a week in advance with quests, and the next week they could go back and pick them up. Forcing players to use specific weapons in activities would be something somewhat new in Destiny, as with Trials of the Nine, players equipment is already locked. At first, players on reddit believed that this was the upcoming summer event until Bungie announced ‘Solstice of Heroes, putting these rumors to rest.

Regardless, I believe this would be a great addition to Destiny 2 and gives players more things to do on top of the weekly milestones and other upcoming events. This will keep players in the game longer. I found before I hit max light during Curse of Osiris, after completing my weekly milestones in two days, I had nothing else to do and would stop playing until the next week.

If Bungie continues with this idea activity would explode on Destiny. Long as they continue listening to their players and add what the community asks for, activity will continue to thrive.

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