Importance of Quality Over Quantity

Over the years I get asked alot how to create and maintain successful divisions and squads within XGN. My answer is usually the same, consistent quality is imperative, regardless of how many members are in your squad(s). regardless if you have 10 members or 110 understanding and supplying your squads wants and needs is key. Because a squad may not meet that statistical desire of your division does not mean the members within it should be deprived of their gaming experience. Hosting gamenights, interacting frequently throughout the day, week and month. Holding meetings, taking requests and receiving feedback regardless of the squads quantity. Quantity never defines the quality of a squad. The activity within does.

Within this article I will list 5 tips that I have practiced over the years that helps take a small inactive squad and creates a quality squad that grows.

1.) Examining all your previous techniques & practices can establish a pattern of what is and isn’t working squad-wise.

2.) Always plan ahead, set-up recruiting competitions, parties, gamenights and squad activities ahead of time. At meetings decide who’s hosting what that week and publish your squads schedule within your forum section for all members to see at all times. throughout the week. This gives current and new members a set agenda to look forward to.

3.) Don’t be afraid to post content through other mediums, the forums is the best place but also consider publishing squad information and plans on Social Media, Discord, or on your squad tags Xbox Live activity feed. Knowledge is not knowledge if it is not shared.

4.) Seeing how your squad fares by tracking its performance through analytics will help you tailor your approach with future ideas. You will be able to “predict” which types of methods are most likely going to perform well.

5.) If recruiting too much is affecting the quality of what you’re building, don’t be afraid to ask your division leader to temporarily stop recruiting as regularly. This will allow you more time for creating better, more valuable staff that members will benefit more from. If you don’t build it to survive the test of time do not build it at all.

I hope this article helps you as much as it has helped me over the years. I understand many more could be listed but then again.. the article is about quality over quantity for a reason right? ― Mr XGN


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