PUBG Hits Mobile!

Article By: XGN Jessi 7

I think we all need to take a few minutes to talk about one major move coming from PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds, they have come to mobile.

As of Monday, PUBG is now playable on not only PC and Xbox, but now is available for Apple and Andriod devices. What comes even more as a surprise, is that PUBG costs nothing to install. Yes, I said that completely right, nothing, zero, zilch. For a game that costs $29.99 on the major platforms, this seems to come as a shock for a lot of people.

This makes me wonder, is PUBG trying to compete with Fortnite? Fortnite was already hitting their mark with being a free to play game, being able to bring your progression with you cross platform. But now it comes that PUBG is the same game, however just dumbed down in graphics and uses touch controls instead.

Here is where it comes in with our gamer “reviews” so far. I don’t really play PUBG myself, so I do some research into the mobile version, and I will not lie the first couple headlines I read are, “The game is full of bots.”

From one opinion piece I’ve read in particular, “There’s a catch. Many players, myself included, believe that many of the people you face off with in early matches are actually bots.”  In the base versions of PUBG there are no bots, its just you and 99 other people getting ready to go after that Chicken Dinner.

However from further reading, it seems that players only really run into these “bots” during lower levels at the beginning of the game. Maybe it is a way to get players used to the controls on their mobile devices. As the writer of that article says, “After about 10 rounds and some leveling, I began running into more opponents that were almost certainly players.”

At this time PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds has neither confirmed or denied that there are bots in the mobile version of the game. I’ve combed through tweets from their Official Twitter Account (@PUBATTLEGROUNDS). I’ve even combed through their News Section of their Official Website and they haven’t posted an update since March 8th. So I guess the truth still remains to be seen.

So if you want to try your luck at PlayerUnknown’s BattleGrounds on mobile you can find it in the Google Play Store and the ITunes Store. Let us know how you feel about PUBG Mobile, do you think there’s bots too?

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