Psychotic Solutions Review: By XGN Euphoria 7

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I had the chance to speak to the love XGN_TERMiNATOR about the PlayStation, her division, and what the future looks like for Psychotic Solutions.

Question: “How would you describe PS?”

“PS is a collection of all sorts of personalities, that mesh together to make our crazy little family. Everyone is willing to learn and grow along with each other.”

Question: “How long have you been a leader for the PS?”

“I have been a part of divisional staff since February of 2016, and director only within the last few months.”

Question: “What game, or games, is your division mainly centered around?

We have quite a variety of games on PS [Psychotic Solutions]. Right now, we offer Bo3, Infinite Warfare, Elder Scrolls Online, Smite, Destiny, OverWatch, Rainbow 6 Siege and venturing into Battlefield.”

Question: “How would you describe the people in your division?”

“In a word, family. I’ve watched this group have each others backs more than any division I’ve been around. If you have a problem, XGN or real life, these are the people you want in your life. Always willing to be a shoulder to lean on. They genuinely care about each other.”

Question: “Where do you see your division in a month?”

“Back on its feet, and ready to rock.”

Question: “Being on the Playstation, what challenges do you think your division faces unlike the 360 or XB1?”

“It’s a lot different in it’s own way. But I would say the fact that there is less senior leadership on the PS$. For a while that held us back a bit with things we needed to move forward. Communication is much better now.

Question: “For you, what has been the toughest part of being a director/ acting division leader?”

“I guess the hardest part for me personally is balance. Teaching my crew how to handle certain situations, but at the same time hanging back, and letting them grow by doing things themselves. It’s a growing experience for all of us, I imagine this is what being a mom is like.”

Question: “What is your overall goal for the PlayStation in XGN wise?”

“I’d like to see it expand as time goes on. Of course top quality members and training, but I can’t wait for the day we have multiple divisions on PS4. I want these members to have the same experiences I had on xbox.”

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