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Earlier this month on the XGN community forums I asked you, the members of our family to briefly post what XGN means to you, why you enjoy XGN, why it’s a good community or really anything. Since I founded Xiled Gaming Network nearly 7 years ago I have heard a lot of members say what the community means to them, how much they enjoy the experience and cherish the friendships they create here. However I was not expecting the overwhelming response from this thread to be so amazing and honestly touching.

Here’s what YOU the community had to say about XGN!

“Never been part of a community before what with being shy around new people but being in here has changed how I feel and made me a more confident person, its a great community filled with great people who know how to have a good laugh, playing games and to talk to.” ―XGN NEGAN

“XGN is a big happy family! I enjoy it because whenever I get on Xbox there is always someone to play with! I wouldn’t want to have XGN any other way! #LLXGN” ―XGN Ajax

“Xiled Gaming Network is not just a gaming community it’s a brotherhood. Whether you come to make new friends or improve you overall gaming abilities, You can always count on your fellow XGN Brothers and Sisters to be there to help you with every step of your path.” ―XGN Her Daddy

“I have always wanted to be a part of something bigger then myself. Some place where I can devote myself to creating something with purpose & meaning. That place, is here with all of you. My new family the Xiled Gaming Network.”
XGN Fatty2Shoes

“Why do we love XGN?? Because it’s a very friendly and professional community. Everyone treats everyone with respect and takes care of each other just like we are family. Xgn also offer a lot of great and fun game nights as well. XGN is very well organized and run. Thank you to everyone in xgn keeping this feeling like a family and ur cared about. XGN For life.”―XGN Sleepyz

“I enjoy XGN mostly for the comradery and support. After serving in the US Army and serving overseas, I struggled to find that kind of family in the civilian world. XGN has filled that void, and for that I’m grateful. LLXGN” ―XGN LowLife

“XGN has given me a way to socialize and have friends. I have autism and social anxiety so talking to people in in my everyday life is difficult, and being apart of XGN dosent make me feel like the world is closing in around me. I have meet amazing people who have helped me get better everyday. Were a Family and thats what means the most to me.”
XGN MasterJedi

“XGN is not a community but a family in which gamers, and others can have fun, and take care of each other.”―CitywideSmile53

“What does XGN mean to me? As a member from 2012 to now with loa’s going to 2017 I think of XGN as a family that is always their to help each other out no matter what the need, personal, clan, and any other problems. No matter what the problem XGN has always come through to help me over come these problems, I want to thank you all for the good times and the bad times because in the end we’re either all friends or we will be soon.” ―XGN Haboof

“When I am in dark places, when I am having trouble at home or just not feeling good. XGN and the XGN Community is always there to cheer me up and put a smile on my face, I like everyone else have a family in real life but I consider XGN as my adopted family. Xiled Gaming Network is a place where I feel welcome, part of someone and can be myself. It is a place where people can join easily for the price of a couple minutes to then enjoy days upon days of never ending fun!!!” ―XGN BritishOreo

Even with all these, there are still many more amazing comments that can be found HERE!
I must say over the many years of leading this organization sometimes It get rough but hearing from the members that call this community home really makes it all worth it. Xiled Gaming Network was founded to bring gamers of all types from around the world together to create friendships and enjoy the game. Together I believe we’re making that dream a reality each and everyday!

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    NekoNekoNyaaa Reply
    Apr 24, 2017 @ 16:52 pm

    XGN was, for me, the first huge clan I had been invited to. I’ve always wanted to join a community like this, but never thought I could because of how limited I was in gaming. It was sure a relief when I heard you didn’t have to be good to join. XGN is now a place for me to hang out with people as well as meet new people and continue to strengthen those relationships with the awesome people I’ve met.

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