New Release: Unravel 2!

Article By: XGN Ap3x Wolf

From what started as puzzle based platform game came a game most were not anticipating to become as huge as it did. The release of Unravel in early 2016 was to say if the
not the least an amazing breakout from Coldwood Interactive a Swedish based gaming company. The game in essence is one placed in simplicity and centered around a solid based
mode. A solo based game created and revolving around the main and only character “Yarny”. A creature made up of yarn who travels through various planes of existence using his body to
complete complex problems and situations. The major challenge that makes this game so unique is that the more you move the smaller Yarnys body becomes. Thankfully you are able to
pick up balls of yarn along your way to re-invigorate his body so as to continue on your journey. Within the core story of the original you feel a certain amount of an emotional connection to the character as he/she climbs, lasso’s, and makes their way through the challenges as we each face in life.

The very much anticipated release of Unravel 2 was as well, if not better received by fans, critics and gamer alike. E3 2018 did a spectacular release of what most that was a game
that couldn’t be improved. With the option of playing with a second Yarny you can image how easy the levels may be, but you would be wrong. With the option to play cooperatively, some
puzzles may seem to be slightly easier than if you opted to play solo. In most circumstance not only does it take good communication and teamwork, but you have to be able to solve the much
harder levels with a precise amount of movement. The visualization from the beginning to the end is next to nothing short of impeccable. With the tell tale signs of the Swedish creators origins
portrayed throughout the game you also for the first time given the chance to catch the glimpse of not just the natural forestry and picturesque view of rivers and swamp lands; you get to see
the nitty and gritty urban lifestyle as you follow Yarny on his/her journey.

Though the structure and essence of the game hasn’t changed and their are no majorly upgraded maneuvers to learn, their is the enormous opportunity to combine moves to make a
more gradual and smooth game play. The platform capabilities is a lot better off than when unravel came out which in my opinion was a smart move on their part considering that you rely
immensely on your teammate to release you at a specific time and place.if i had to rate Unravel 2 i would give it a 9 out of 10. From its visuals to its game play it will continue to be one of the
best games of this year and fans will continue to show enthusiasm and excitement for years to come.

Check out the official trailer! 


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