New Release: The Elder Scrolls VI!

Article By: XGN Jallenxo

After 7 long years, the wait is over. We have finally gotten the proper announcement from the Bethesda’s E3 2018 showcase; The Elder Scrolls VI is in development but from the sounds of it, it’ll be a while before it hits any consoles. With that being said, at the present moment Bethesda isn’t ready to share any details but I’ll tell everything I know at this time.

We all knew The Elder Scrolls VI would rise to the surface but we didn’t know just how long it’d take to do just that; but at E3 2018 Todd Howard himself released the teaser trailer. Keep in mind there isn’t much to it but that’s because no details have been released.

Just like the other Elder Scrolls, The Elder Scrolls VI  will be an RPG. No one is certain on, how far The Elder Scrolls VI is within the making due to no details being released but we do know it’s tricky to get the proper stage of the game and we can only go off of what we know at this time.

The Elder Scrolls VI wasn’t the only announcement from the Bethesda’s E3 2018 showcase but also the production of Elder Scrolls: Blades; that’s right Elders Scroll is going mobile. Just like in the fully-fledged Elder Scrolls games you can create your own character, level up, pick new abilities, and improve them, and don’t worry it’ll have the same quality as if it were on the console.

The game will apparently have three modes:

* Abyss, a rogue-like where you must see how far you can get in an endless dungeon.

* The Arena, where you go head to head in battle against other players

* The Town, the game’s main mode, and most Fallout Shelter-like mode.

There will also be combat moments which would work exactly as if it was played on a controller for a console, just you’d have to rely on touching and dragging your screen around instead of using joysticks. Make sure to head over to the App Store and pre-order it today and be prepared for it to officially launch September 1, 2018.

The Elder Scrolls series is quite large but with five already released games from Bethesda so far and a sixth one just recently announced, is bound to have a few spin offs. One in particular happens to be The Elder Scrolls: Legends; which happens to be a digital card game that was released in 2017, “Gameplay is divided into two lanes, and creatures can’t attack across lanes. In a standard 1v1 game, the left lane is normal, and the right lane gives creatures played in that lane cover for a turn, meaning they can’t be attacked at all. There are also a set of runes that each player possesses; when your health falls below a certain amount, a rune breaks, giving you an extra card. If that card drawn from a broken rune has prophecy, it is played immediately.”

There is so much information to still be released from Bethesda about The Elder Scrolls VI, but only time will tell. Just know we’ll keep you updated on all the new information we come to find out.


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