New Release: Anthem!

Article By: XGN Jallenxo

BioWare is on the rise again with 5 years in the making of the new game – Anthem. BioWare has always been known for well branching story based games like Mass Effect and Knights of the Old Republic, but by the looks of Anthem they seem to be going in the total opposite direction along the lines of Destiny games, with the shared online world, where a group of players can go and tackle missions and gather loot – like the popular game Fortnite.

Anthem has two parts; the more typical game play from BioWare the story side which is in the form of first-person where the player is able to make their own choices throughout the game. While the other half of the game is switched to third-person that is a more action play style, where you get an exo suit and team up with players to take on missions. Expect a steady amount of updates for Anthem for years to come, but we’d caution against expecting too much, too often. Anthem a high quality looking game, and we’ve learned from Destiny, it’s making more the game look pretty than actually updating the gaming aspect that takes the longest!

Anthem has three different mission types:

Free play: Wander the world with no objectives while minor tasks are generated for you and your friends to complete.

Formal missions: Talk to NPCs in Tarsis called agents for more substantial missions designed to give context for characters, creatures, and the history of the world.

Strongholds: These are instanced areas designed with greater challenge in mind. You’ll likely need good coordination between teammates to complete them. Think of them as difficult dungeons, replete with powerful mobs and big bosses. Some strongholds are part of the critical path, but you’ll be able to repeat them at higher difficulties for better rewards.

With all of this amazing news about Anthem, has to have just a little bit of bad news. Although Anthem, has two parts to the game, you must have Internet connection to be able to play, but don’t worry, it’s coming to PC, PS4, and XBOX ONE. Besides that piece of bad news on Anthem, I’m happy to announce the release date, coming February 22, 2019 the sci-fi shooter: Anthem!

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