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Article By: XGN SPENCE

Everyone should know that the XGN forums is a great tool if used correctly. Over my time in XGN I’ve watched as the forums evolved. This newest update is amazing on browser and mobile as well. In my opinion the forums are as fast and well maintained as they have ever been.

Many improvements have been made since the update. It’s faster, lighter, and easier to find what you are looking for. The announcement box is super easy to find at the right and the toolbar is convenient as it has been for some time. This is thanks to the amazing people in our web ops team.

The mods and admins work extremely hard in keeping us safe and secure. Bree does an amazing job holding everyone together and puts a lot of time into XGN for us to enjoy this community. Gotta show my fellow DR fam some love. Point is, there’s a lot of behind the scenes activity that holds us together, and we need to support those members and give them a thanks for all they do for us.

I had a chance to ask Bree about the update, since it is her baby after all. Here’s the questions from our interview.

So what are some of your favorite new features for the forums? Any other new features?

“There’s a new announcement tab that let’s members find the Forum Rules and Community Message Board quite easy. Other than that and the forum theme, there’s not much new since the update a few months back which features Elite VIP and Clubs.”

Any events happening on the Forums?

“I am hosting a Forum Posting Contest starting June 1st! 3 members with the most posts will win some awesome prizes, including a XGN Jersey, XGN Tshirt, or Forum Awards!”

Ins and out of the staff. How’s everyone doing? Happy with changes? Future goals?

“The Staff is amazing! Everyone stays on top of their duties and helps one another when needed. Honestly couldn’t ask for a better team! We may be looking at bringing on more Staff here shortly. Nothing set and stone, however.”

There you have it, don’t forget to sign up for that forum posting contest. The XGN Jerseys are super nice. I’d like to give a shout-out to the entire web department for everything you do personally from me, Thank you.

Xiled Gaming Network Web Operations Staff
Chief Administrative Officer – XGN Breezy VII
Chief Networking Officer – XGN Insomnia
Chief Technology Officer – Capdizzle
Web Ops Advisor – Chief Killzone
Web Ops Managers – XGN Jessi 7 & XGN Space
Head Administrators – XGN Harley 7 & XGN Oreo 7
Administrators – XGN Iowa52 & XGN xLegendx
Global Moderators – XGN Huskey & XGN Legion 7
Moderators – XGN Corrupt & Ellie

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