Member Spotlight: XGNHorsSoldier7! By XGN Elysium

XGNHorsSoldier7! A very friendly gentleman who has been in XGN, officially since 4/20/15; and has endlessly worked to be at the position he is currently at, a Director in Xiled Gaming Network for Reign of Death. Soldier will continue to work his way to make an impact in this community.

What made you join XGN?:
“I joined XGN because I had a friend who wanted to join, just to try it out, and he brought me along with him.”

What were your first thoughts when you joined?:
“I thought the system they had, and the goals they were trying to accomplish were quite excellent. I came from a community previously that I helped to build from the bottom, but it ended very poorly.”

What is the hardest part of being a director?:
“The hardest part of being a director is definitely membership revokes. Especially when it’s something not quite that bright. I’m still trying to get my feet as I was just made director, but that’s been the hardest thing I have had to do.”

What was the hardest part of your XGN career thus far?:
“I haven’t really had a hard part, my experience here has always been beneficial and positive. Being able to get on and being helpful to others, I haven’t really had a hard spot, all positive.”

What has XGN taught you as an individual?:
“XGN has taught me, to lengthen his tolerance, increase patience a lot more then what I used to be.”

Did/do you have a mentor? What have you learned from them that you hope to pass down to others?:
“Well, I never really had a mentor, but I could consider, XGN HELL5FURY 7 to be my mentor. He has taught me to be organized and fair and remember there’s two sides to every story and then the truth.”

What was your first squad / division?:
“My first squad and division was Panther DoD, which I brought that division to the xbox one and built it up.”

What are your goals for yourself in XGN, and the community as a whole?:
Himself – “My goal is to make the community stronger and better and to thrive. Make it a really good organization, everybody needs a little spit and polish sometimes.”

The Community – “I would like to see us grow as a whole and get back up there. Its going to be a long road but with time, every ocean started with just a drop of water.”

Any advice for new recruits?:
“Be involved! Participate in everything you can, make friendships in your squad. Our squads offer wonderful things. Build your squads to what you want them to be.”

Anything you’d like to say to everyone?:
“Hello, I am glad to be in this position, if you ever need help, do not hesitate to ask for it, It is what I am here for.”

If you could change anything about XGN, what would it be?:
“The way I see it, the foundation has been laid we just need to build the house, even if your the best organization you will still look for ways to better yourself.”

Congratulations XGNHorsSolider7 on your recent promotion to director, and many accomplishments within XGN, continue to do as much as you can.

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