Member Spotlight: XGN Stormy583! By XGN Jager 7

XGN Stormy583 Member Spotlight – Promotion to Co-Division Leader

The beginning of the summer brought with it a breath of fresh air in the way of new divisions. The least of these divisions was Brotherhood of Steel, born of the combined efforts of its sister division, Dealers of Death. With this new division, leadership again rose to the occasion and proved themselves with the promotion of a few fresh faces to the field including XGN Stormy583.

Originally a member of Hellcat, DoD, Stormy joined on the 31st of July, 2015, seeking only the experience any member might desire: the chance to be known and get to know a community seeking to better his personal gaming experience. Seeking only to find friends, Stormy had little to say on the matter beyond this. However, he rose up quickly under the tutelage of names such as XGN Scorpion80MS and XGN Redex. Building upon his knowledge in the original DoD and returning afresh with the transfer to the Xbox One, Stormy rose quickly to prestige in DoD far before the split into BoS.

Now the fresh Co-Division Leader of BoS, Stormy states “It feels good being at this position. I never thought I would make it up here.” Already fighting hard with his plate full, his goals are centered primarily in rebuilding squads damaged by current events within the division. After taking many hits from different sides of the spectrum, BoS needed a leader to support it and Stormy has, thus far, risen to the occasion. In the future, he hopes “To eventually become a Division Leader and Split a division.” – A goal many aspiring Division Staff hold near and dear to their heart.

Stormy was abrupt in his thoughts toward new members and officers, stating simply that new members should “Get to know your squad and meet new friends,” in the hopes that they might better enjoy the community. To officers, his candor prevailed, stating rather bluntly and advocating patience and education, “Don’t worry about the position above you. Take as much time as you need at these positions. Your higher ups will understand.” A new Co-Division Leader, but an old member in the ways of XGN; when asked what Stormy had learned from his time in the community, he responded “I have learned what quality friends are and exactly what leadership is.”

We of the XGN News Team would like to congratulate XGN Stormy583 on his promotion to Co-Division Leader and thank him for his continued time and devotion to continually improving and innovating the community at large. Congratulations, Stormy, and Long Live a OneXGN!

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