Member Spotlight: XGN RUFIS 7! By LEGION OF XGN

Spotlight member Interview with XGN RUFIS 7: By LEGION OF XGN
Question: “When did you join XGN?”

Answer: “September 11th, 2014.”
Question: “Why did you join XGN?”

Answer: “I had been playing Worlds of Tanks and I had been looking for people to play with. I found this one guy who I was playing with who was talking to me about XGN and how it had a World of Tanks squad squad full of people team up with. My recruiter got interested and joined.”
Question: “What is the first squad and division?”

Answer: Hellcat, DoD“
Question: “What are a few things you want people to know about you?”

Answer: “I am fair, I am respectable.”
Question: “What did you think of XGN when you joined?”

Answer: “I didn’t want to stay there was a lot of drama going on in my division. I wanted to stay so I can help my squad out.”
Question: “What is the hardest part of being a Senior Leader?”

Answer: “They say the move you more up the more you take more responsibility, sometimes it’s hard to do with what I have to in XGn and what I have to do outside of XGN.”
Question: “Has XGN’s values or traditions, morals or ethics ever had an impact on your personal life?”

Answer: “Nothing about the community really and an impact of my personal life, besides its members.”
Question: “What are your current goals for yourself in XGN?”

Answer: “I want to work with the other leaders in XGN and try to make XGN how it used to be. I want to make it better than it used to be in our glory days. I am hoping we can find good leaders who can step up and do what we need them to be doing.”

Question: “What did you do to improve this community?”

Answer: “I never abused my rank, I always treated people with respect and been the person who anyone can come to. I did this to show members how to be a leader so they can follow in my steps”
Question: “Do you have any advice for new leaders?”

Answer: “Don’t ever be afraid to ask a question. If you’re not sure about something ask about it, so you will know the right information. Get to know the members in your Squad, and Divisions.”
Question: “Did/do you have a mentor?”

Answer: “Yes I have two mentors, XGN Capo VII, and XGN HELL5FURY 7.”
Question: “What achievements or accolades have you earned in XGN?”

Answer: “Senior Director and ever rank I have been. Another one would be Senior Director OTM (Of The Month).”
Question: “If you could change anything about XGN, what would it be?”

Answer: “I would like to change the way we are running divisions today and swap them with how we used to do it back in the old days.”
Question: “Would you like to add anything else for the readers?”

Answer: “Play together and have fun. Have a good time, enjoy yourselves, and represent the community you’re in.”
Question: “How do you feel about winning Senior Director Of The Month?”

Answer: “I was very happy, I was on LOA for three weeks and when I came back people were congratulating and messaging me. I was very confused because I didn’t even know I was nominated.”
I have a member of the community who would like to say a few things about XGN RUFIS 7.

XGN Jager 7: “I spend a lot of time with Rufis, and even more time getting him ready for general back in Hellcat, Dod. He has always listened to members, and be respectful to everyone. The guy has stuff going on in his life and he still manages to get oin everyday with a positive attitude, representing XGN in the best way. He is one of the reasons XGN is great for me.”
LEGION OF XGN: “I have worked one on one with Rufis as my Division Leader back in FB after it split on 360, He was well known as a good leader and a very hard worker. He taught me a lot of things personally to make me the a good general today, One important thing got from him is that if you don’t know something ask about it. This helped me get the current information I needed, He is one of the greatest leaders I have been honored to work with.”

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