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Hyperion XGN is a current Co Founder in the division Devils Rejects, DR. However today I will not be looking at his leadership position in Clan Ops. I will personally be having the privilege of writing an article on Hyperion XGN’s newest promotion in Web Ops, becoming the Chief Networking Officer in XGN.

This position became available when XGN Breezy 7, the previous Chief Networking Officer, got promoted to Chief Administration Officer in Web Ops when Chief Killzone retired and became the newest Web Ops Counsel. One would assume that the CNO position is not an easy one to gain in Web Ops? That is right! It took a lot of hard work and dedication from Hyperion XGN to achieve this position in XGN.

The first question I asked Hyperion XGN was about his history in XGN, as I personally know this isn’t their first running in XGN. Clan Ops and Web Ops side. Here is his answer:

Hyperion XGN

“I originally joined back in 2013, in Noble Intentions where I was first introduced to the website. Shortly after, we split the Division into Righteous Intentions, and I eventually made COFO. After a while, I had too much going on in life, that I had to step down from my position. At the time, I was delving into the AAP Department, and I loved doing it. I was able to stick with the website operations with what was going on due to having my laptop on me at all times. Sometime later, I became webstaff and worked my way up. I eventually made it to Administrator, and I was also the AAP Department Head for a while, where I redesigned how it worked, into what we have today. After my life got back on track, I returned to the community operations as a COFO in Wicked Intentions, where I worked my way up to Co-Division Leader as well as becoming the Head Administrator. Again, I was hit with troubles at home, and personal issues with the past leadership, so I thought it best to step down. I decided to help our Affiliate, GGN with their website, where I was given the honorary position of CNO. I ended up getting back into the web operations as an advisory role, due to Discord being efficient, and everyone has their phone with them. My life settled down again, and I returned full force, where I was accepted as the Co-Director of Web Operations, as well as COFO in Devils Rejects. Shortly after my return, I was graced with a promotion to CNO.”

One would say that Hyperion XGN has been here, there and everywhere. As you can tell this leader has an interesting history, one which will be hard to equal or maybe even exceed. Hyperion’s history in XGN is quite a vast one, he has influenced numerous divisions and numerous departments including Web Ops, AAP Department and the legendary Wicked Intentions division.

Like everyone in the community they have their ups and downs wherever they are: Squads, Division, Departments and Web Ops. This doesn’t change for Hyperion XGN, I asked him how his journey has been in Web Operations.

Hyperion XGN

“At times, it was a rough journey, but with the leadership we have now, it’s a lot better than it used to.”
This could imply to many members that XGN has improved their leadership over the board. Hyperion XGN is one member who has seen this change through his many years in XGN, he has most probably seen the worst and the best of the leadership in XGN. One would assume the leadership we have now is an extreme amount better than previous leadership in XGN based on this answer.

Becoming the new Chief Networking Officer in XGN is an amazing achievement and I wanted to know, the same as some of you, how it felt to be honored such a position in the community.

Hyperion XGN

“It feels amazing to help lead some of the most dedicated individuals in the community, who have to put in check toxic people who constantly aim to bring us down. I love being able to hear what all the leadership has to say, and for me to be able to help make the changes we strive to be. ”

As Hyperion stated the Web Department have an important role in the community within keeping the forum side safe. Hyperion XGN leads this team alongside XGN Breezy 7 on ensuring the forums stay safe and secure for all XGN members to enjoy their time on the website without dealing with people who try to harm the community. I also managed to ask Hyperion XGN if he had any tips for anyone who is on the road for leadership.

Hyperion XGN

“Do what you love to do, and never ask for handouts. The LDP program, website, and the forums are rich in every resource you could ever need to exceed in your position. If you use those tools available to you, there is no limit on what you can reach.”

Very motivating words right there, directly from the Chief Networking Officer himself. Like Hyperion XGN stated if you can get the information and knowledge yourself to succeed then the road ahead will never end, I personally agree with Hyperion XGN and that if you can pass tests and become a leader all by yourself then you will have no limits to what you can achieve.

As I mentioned at the beginning of this article, Hyperion XGN is also a Co Founder in Devils Reject. I also wanted to find out what Hyperion XGN’s goals were in Clan Ops as he is so successful in Web Ops.

Hyperion XGN

“As a Co Founder, it’s my duty to mentor and guide our current Majors, Colonels and Generals, which is what I love doing. I want to help build the future leaders, and help create the best division ever seen. I would one day like to be a Director, as it’s sort of a mentor position, which I love doing.”

One would say that Hyperion XGN loves to help people which is one quality which makes an amazing leader. Being so high in Web Ops as the Chief Networking Officer, it didn’t surprise me to see Hyperion XGN having a goal to become a Director due to his ambition to rank up in Web Ops. Finally I also managed to ask Hyperion XGN what his main goal in XGN is, here is the response.

Hyperion XGN

“I would like to see healthy and thriving divisions, where everyone is actively engaged with everyone else. This involves game nights, workshops, and talking on the forums, which all of those aren’t limited to just the people in your division.”

Lastly I would like to say Thank You to Hyperion XGN for taking time out of his busy schedule especially with the Hurricane Irma hitting his hometown to answer my questions. On behalf of XGN we would like to wish everyone good health in the United States who was impacted by the recent events.

Thank You for taking the time to read this article and I hope that you guys and gals have an amazing day and keep an eye out for new articles on the website.

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