XGN Events to Host First Ever Karaoke Tournament!

Article By: XGN Jessi 7

Do you often find yourself in the shower belting out your favorite song? Or do you tend to frequent the nearest restaurant or bar to slay some Karaoke? Well get ready to scream like a little girl when One Direction comes on the radio!

XGN Events will be hosting the first ever XGN wide Karaoke Tournament on Saturday, June 2nd, 2018!

To sign up make sure you fill out this Tournament Application! Make sure you sign up soon as the last day to enter is May 26th, 2018!

The biggest ground rule is that your song choice needs to be appropriate! As the largest gaming community online, we have a vast range of ages in our members and would like the tournament to be enjoyed by all involved!

Keep an ear out! As we get closer and more details of this awesome event are released, we will be sure to update you to give you the full story!

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