Strides in Junior Equality

By: XGN StilleJager

Junior squads in XGN have always enjoyed a special place in the hearts and minds of very many divisions, however, for the majority of many, they’re treated differently from the rest of the squads in the community. From the one-strike policy to the limitations on the ranks of members below the age of fifteen, many junior members have spoken up about what they feel is an unfair limitation placed upon them.

After deliberations, the Board has decided upon some innovative changes in the ways that junior squads are treated within the community. A few of the most recent changes involve revamps to the One Strike Policy, the rank limitations of junior members, the junior squad age requirements, and the limits on the amounts of junior squads in each division. These changes are made in the hopes to further the equality of junior and adult squad members.

Firstly, the restrictions of age for squads have, for some time now, been thirteen to fourteen to join a junior squad and fifteen to join an adult squad. To make the age gap wider, the board has opted to allow recruits aged twelve to fourteen to join junior squads. Though previously, at div leaders’ discretion, members close enough to the age of thirteen could join, this choice had been taken away due to the grey area it created in its vagueness. Now firmly cemented, members age twelve are free to join.

The second change enacted will allow junior squads to split as any normal adult squad, likewise raising the limit on the number of junior squads allowed to exist within any division. Though divisions were previously limited to one junior squad, with this change it will allow any junior squad meeting the proper split requirements to split and allow their members to naturally progress through the ranks. This also, subsequently, means that while junior squad members were unable to obtain permission to take the 7 Test and earn the 7 or VII in their gamertag, they will be able to do so providing that they successfully split a squad.

Leading into our third change, junior members that successfully meet the requirements for each rank will be allowed more freedom than they have previously been given. Should a junior squad General successfully pass all the ranking requirements and succeed in their positions, they will be allowed to move into division staff as Co-Founders or Founders. However, the limit is still in place to the extent that they will not be allowed to attain the rank of Co-Division or Division Leader until they are fifteen years of age and, though they are to be allowed into division staff, they will be responsible for overseeing the junior squads of the division in question exclusively.

Lastly, the One Strike Policy put on all members under age has been lifted. To put both junior and adult squad members on even grounds, all junior members will, just as adults, be subject to a three-strike system of judgement through which they will be allowed more leeway in incidences in which junior squad members are involved. Though many junior squads felt alienated from the rights allowed to members of adult squads, now they will be able to enjoy standing on the same grounds as any member of XGN.

Though this is not the first of the many changes that have occurred over the recent months, these strides in junior squad equality will, we hope, be met with the approval of all members. Junior squads, though not required in every division, have always been held close to the hearts of those divisions that choose to open them. Now able to stand alongside all members of XGN with the new policies regarding their place in the community, the junior membership has a new hope and new possibilities on the horizon of their collective XGN careers.

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