Congratulations to the 2018 XGN Hall of Fame Inductees!

Throughout the history of XGN, there have been those that have distinguished them as the best of the best within the officer corp of the community and beyond. These individuals are those inducted into the Hall of Fame. With the new year, there is a double list of 10 new members to join the ranks of the community’s esteemed.

Please join us in congratulating the 2018 Inductees into the XGN Hall of Fame:
Jordan of XGN
XGN BlueDream 7
XGN Breezy VII
XGN Daywalker 7
XGN Jager 7
XGN Jessi 7
XGN Oreo 7
XGN Rizzi 7
XGN Rufis 7
XGN Throttl3

All of these individuals have worked hard to achieve their positions and support the community alike. We hope only that they will continue to grow and support XGN as much as they have in the previous year and the year to come. LLXGN!

~Press Release typed by XGN Jager 7~

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