Happy New Year XGN! By XGN Jessi 7

Happy New Year XGN Family!

I hope everyone had safe and happy holidays the past couple weeks! Hopefully you all got some awesome goodies as well. Myself, I have made the jump into the world of Playstation and used part of my Christmas bonus on a PS4 with a copy of Assassin’s Creed Origins. I have got to say, I am definitely loving it so far!

Now that we are back into the swing of the new year, let me give you some quick updates from around the community so you can see what you are able to get your hands into this year!

News Department:

The News Department is looking to hire some new writers to the team in the new year. We are looking for writers with experience, who are active and able to make deadlines. If you believe you have what it takes for this position, please head over to the News Department Area on the XGN Forums. To read the requirements and fill out an application.

Awards and Achievements Program:

The AAP Department is now open and back in full swing! First off we would like to congratulate the winners of the November 2017 OTM Winners!
Master Sergeant OTM – XGN NoLimitBro
Lieutenant OTM – Ejkilly of XGN
Captain OTM – XGN Tsar
Major OTM – XGN WarAngel
Colonel OTM – XGN KingSavage
Co Founder OTM – XGN Kiwis 7
Founder OTM – XGN Mag 7
Co Division Leader OTM – XGN Dub 7
Division Leader OTM – XGN Rizzi 7
Director OTM – XGN Daywalker

Master Sergeant OTM – XGN Aleu

Lieutenant OTM – XGN imurweakness
Captain OTM – XGN TheDoc
Colonel OTM – XGN Proxii
General OTM – XGN Burke71
Division Leader OTM – XGN Phage XC

Member, Trainer, AAP etc.
Member OTM – XGN RUFIS 7
Recruiter OTM – XGN Phage XC
Trainer OTM – XGN got2poo
Dept. Head OTM – XGN Preston
Forum Staff OTM – XGN Tsar

In addition, the December 2017 OTM Award nominations are now open, as well as the Of The Year Award 2017 nominations! Go and head over to the Nominations and Voting area to nominate a fellow member who you believe deserves this award! Don’t forget to check out all of the awards that AAP has to offer and go apply for some awards of your very own!

Design Department: 

The Design Department is back up and running as well! Make sure you head over to their area on the forums for all of your graphic needs, and be sure to read their section guidelines before making a request!


With their team of Gamenight Hosts and Coordinators, as well as Tournament Staff, the XGN Events Department is cooking up some great tournaments and gamenights to kick off the new year! We can expect to see some action on Call of Duty WWII for the first time in an XGN Official Event! We will have an article coming soon that will highlight the upcoming events for the community to take part in.

Leadership Development Department:

Under the direction of XGN HELL5FURY 7 and his educated staff (lol see what I did there…), the future of Xiled Gaming Network’s leaders has never been brighter. Further educating Clan Operations staff members to be better leaders not only now but in the future, they have had great success. Just announced today, we have the graduating class of November & December 2017’s LDP Masters! Congratulations to you all, and a huge thank you to XGN HELL5FURY 7 for all that you do to help these members succeed.

XGN Shop:

At any time you can grab your XGN swag, and show off your XGN pride to all of your friends, family, and even the public, (who cares what they think, we are the best community in the world..duh!) Right now you can get your hands on some great sales for items on the forums! Forum Clubs are on sale for $7.00, you can even grab the Forum Group & Award bundle with 5 months of Elite VIP as a bonus for $18.99! Act fast though, because these sales won’t last!

Let’s make 2018 one of the best years for Xiled Gaming Network. Through our hard work, dedication, and teamwork we can reach our community goals!

<3 Jessi 7

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