Welcome to Xiled Gaming Network! – built by gamers, for gamers. – Our community has thrived and evolved over a decade. Together we’ve formed the premier environment to game, socialize, and grow. — This is your invitation to join the ranks of our internet family.

Mission Statement: XGN has become the home for any gamer interested in bettering themselves and others. Our mission is to offer members of XGN a safe environment to find like-minded gamers who share common interests that are supportive, social, and caring for one another regardless of personal beliefs.

Founding Fathers:

  • Mr XGN
  • XGN Damaged VII
  • XGN Sandman 7
  • XGN Tiesto 7
  • XGN Legacy 7
  • XGN Dark 7
  • XGN Anarchy VII

XGN Was Founded: July 7th, 2010

Origin: XGN originated and split from the community KSI.

Network: XGN is a proud member of Xiled Inc.


Clan: XGN is a community for gamers by gamers.


Division: DoD, TXI, TXO, and PS are divisions within the clan XGN.

Faction: Each division of XGN is separated between 2 Factions with up to [700] members. There are [2] factions within each division.


Code of Conduct: The governing Rules of Xiled Gaming Network that all divisions, departments, clubs, and factions must abide by.

Rank Structure: The Chain of Command for XGN. The positions of our community.

Gamenights:  Gamenights are required to be at least 45 minutes long, and consist of a minimum of [5] members of XGN. For games that have a lower maximum of players such as Apex Legends the minimum required members is reduced to [3] in order to accommodate for the reduced maximum team size.

  • A member CAN NOT host more than [3] Game Nights per Day.

Co-Hosting– There is NO Co-Hosting for Game Nights. 

Social nights:  Social nights are required to be at least 45 minutes long and consist of a minimum of [5] members of XGN. Social nights differ from Game Nights in context. A social night does not require a game to be played but does require active participation from group members. Social nights are meant to promote activity and conversation between members.

  • A member CAN NOT host more than [3] Social Nights per Day.

Co-Hosting– There is NO Co-Hosting for Social Nights.


Workshops:  Workshops may cover a wide variety of topics but should primarily be centered on gaming, leadership, and XGN information. Workshops are required to be at least 15 minutes long and consist of a minimum of [5] members of XGN. Members are encouraged to draw upon personal knowledge on topics and to leave the workshop attendees more knowledgeable on the topic than they were before.

  • A member CAN NOT host more than [3] Workshops per Day and Co-Host more than [3] Workshops per Day. (Co-Hosted Workshops counts towards individual activities, not divisional reports.)

Co-Hosting– There is Co-Hosting for Workshops but you must be actively participating in Co-Hosting workshops. This may be counted towards individual activities but not towards the divisional report.


Kaizen: Our mantra means improvement. Moreover, it means continuing improvement in personal life, home life, social life, and working life. When applied to the clan operations KAIZEN means continuing improvement involving everyone – Staff and Members alike.

Though in XGN we have a set of rules and policies we uphold, there are two specific rules we would like to go over, known as our two Bylaws.

  1. Respect ALL Gamers
  2. Leave No Man Behind

1.) All XGN members are expected to read and follow the XGN Code of Conduct, XGN Policies, Xbox Live terms of service, and must uphold the Code of Conduct at all times.

2.) Members must respect other gamers; this includes members and nonmembers. This includes, but is not limited to, discrimination based on race, age, sexual orientation, religious affiliation, or any other personal interest, or investment. Other forms of unacceptable conduct include but are not limited to, team killing, griefing, and flaming of any kind. All members are entitled to a professional level of fairness and this is strictly enforced.

3.) Never leave a fellow XGN affiliated member behind. Do not leave a game with fellow members because you are losing or not playing well. This is considered “leaving a man behind” and Includes meetings, game nights, tournaments, etc.

4.) We DO NOT condone coaxing a member from another clan or community, for ranks/or from other communities/clans. If people wish to leave we encourage their own path of happiness. This includes fellow members of the XGN affiliates, for recruitment purposes is strictly prohibited. Additionally, recruits may not be recruited into an XGN affiliate within 30 days of previous membership of any gamer community or clan.

“NOTE: offerings or promises for membership participation is considered “Profit to stay” and is also strictly prohibited”

5.) XGN members take pride in their membership inside its affiliated community, and are encouraged, (but not required) to change their Gamertag to reflect an XGN affiliate. Your community affiliation must always be in caps.

6.) Leaving the XGN discord is considered quitting. If this occurs, you have 24 hours to join back into the discord to retain your current membership. Once 24 hours elapses you must start over as a new member.”

7.) All XGN affiliated members are entitled to the “OPEN DOOR POLICY.” The “Open Door Policy” in its essence, is an opportunity to reach out to a  higher-ranking member with a question that can’t be resolved within their immediate chain of command (Use the forums). But still, hold the responsibility to report to the appropriate leaders within the Chain of Command.  See Open Door Policy below. “NOTE: The Open Door Policy is not an invitation to join staff meetings, nor an invitation to be in a party of higher-ranking members without permission”.

8.) All XGN affiliated leaders are expected to display proper conduct, leadership skills, and a high level of professionalism at all times. “Note: Accepting a leadership position is a choice and privilege. With this in mind, understand that you may be asked to step down, be demoted, or removed from the position if it is deemed that an individual cannot handle the responsibility or no longer wants the responsibility of the job, rank, or title.

9.) All XGN affiliated members must maintain a professional demeanor and attitude during game-play, within lobbies, and while in party chats in order to represent XGN as a positive and respectful organization.

10.) XGN affiliated members are not permitted to be a part of any other clan, community clubs, or gaming organization while an XGN affiliate.

11.) If you are invited to a party or contacted by a higher-ranking member, you must respond in a timely manner, as the subject matter may be urgent. If you are asked to leave a party by a senior member, you must do so immediately.

12.) Any member who damages or destroys any material or nonmaterial assets including intellectual property belonging to XGN or its affiliates, whether intentional or not, may be Prosecuted civilly or criminally to the fullest extent of the law. This may include reimbursement of any or all fees legal or otherwise.

13.) Members are encouraged to attend a minimum of 2 meetings, and two faction gamenights/workshops/sit-ins/social nights per month. Doing this will keep the community active. If a staff member cannot attend, please inform your Faction leadership. Faction Leadership may request more participation, but staff members are not “required” to do more than what their rank calls for. 

14.) Any and all forms of hacking, software alteration, and illegal activities are strictly prohibited.

15.) In addition to the XGN code of conduct, each of the affiliates or sponsors may have additional rules for their own members and requirements to join.


Rank: Member

Maximum per Division: Infinite

Description: Beginning rank of Xiled Gaming Network. All members of XGN must start at this rank. This rank is for individuals a part of the community but aren’t consistently active within our discord or activities. Members are solely here to participate, network, learn, and have fun. 

Requirements: 1.) Have Discord and join the XGN discord server. 2.) Not be a member of another clan for a minimum of [30] days. 3.) Be at least [15] years old.

Responsibilities: Participate, meet friends, network, have fun!

Classification: Casual

Rank: Veteran Member

Maximum per Division: Infinite

Description: This rank is dedicated to members who have exceeded [30] days of membership. Members that reach this rank are active in activities/meetings.

Requirements: 1.) Meet all membership requirements. 2.) Be a member in good standing for [30] days. Attend at least [1] activity a month. 

Responsibilities: Participate, Attend Gamenights, Attend Workshops.

Classification: Casual

Rank: Master Sergeant (MSG)

Maximum per Division: Infinite

Description: Responsible for training and recruiting members in and helping create a fun environment. The rank of MSG requires friendliness and consistent participation and help organization of gamenights.

Requirements for Member/Vet Member to MSG:  1.) Must have been a Veteran Member or Member for [14] Days. 2.) Must pass MSG test.

Responsibilities: Organize at least [1] Gamenight or Socialnight each week. Train/recruit people within Division, Assist LT and CPT in day to day lower-division activities, Know how to properly train an individual in., Help members meet new members and organize gamenights and activities to bring members together, Helps host socialnights Familiarize themselves with the Discord and how to navigate, Know how to send someone through courts.

Classification: Faction Staff

Rank: Lieutenant (LT)

Maximum per Faction: 15

Description: Lieutenants are mainly responsible to host game nights effectively and assist others that would like to host game nights as well. Lieutenants must also assist Captains, Majors, and Generals in running the divisional faction properly. Because of their time within the division, Lieutenants should have a good knowledge of who everyone is. 

Requirements for MSG to LT:1.) Must be a MSG for 2 weeks 2.) Must obtain [2] Recruits 3.) [5] Train Ins 3.) [5] Gamenights Attended 5.) Must have passed LT”s test given by MAJ+. 6.) Must have attended/hosted a minimum of [15] Activities, [5] of them being attended workshops.

Responsibilities: Host a minimum of [2] Socialnight / Gamenight (ex. 1 SN or 1 GN) each week. Host/Attend Workshops, Recruit Members, Assist Captains, Majors, and Generals in operating the Faction. 

Classification: Faction Staff

Rank: Captain (CPT)

Maximum per Faction: 15

Description: Captains are in charge of operations of their appropriate faction. They are responsible to make sure that game nights are being hosted, supervise all Lieutenants and members. Captains must report any issues to their respective Faction Leadership. Captains can host Gamenights, Workshops, and other Activities. 

Requirements for LT to CPT: 1.) Must have been a Lieutenant in good standing for at least [2] weeks. 2.) Have Hosted a Minimum of [20] activities [10] being workshops . 3.) Active within the Community Discord Server. 4.) Knowledgeable on all Operations of XGN. 5.) Must have passed the Captains test given by Gen+.

Responsibilities: Host a minimum of [1] Workshop each week. Host a minimum of [1] Gamenight each week. Attend a minimum of [1] meeting each week.

Classification: Faction Staff

Rank: 1st Captain (1CPT)

Maximum per Faction: 1

Description: Responsible for creating and maintaining activities for members The rank of Captain requires demonstrated ambition and consistent participation.

Requirements for CPT to 1st CPT: 1.) Active as a CPT for at least 2 weeks 2.) Hosted at least [5] Gamenights 3.) Hosted at least [5] Workshops 4.) Hosted at least [5] Socialnights 5.) Must have Problem Solving Skills 6.) Must help with mentorship 7.) Must be LDP Mastered 

Responsibilities: Organize Gamenights/Socialnights within Division Assist General, and Major in running the lower-division activities and meetings. Know how to address issues and diffuse situations within the division. Help mentor and develop lower staff members. -Helps host faction meetings in absence of Maj/Gen Familiarize themselves with the Divisional Chain of Command. Host a minimum of [1] Workshop each week. Host a minimum of [1] Gamenight each week. Attend a minimum of [1] meeting each week.

Classification: Faction Leadership

Rank: Major (MAJ)

Maximum per Faction: 2

Description: The main responsibility of the Major is to assist in overseeing all members within their respective faction and make sure that all duties are being carried out effectively. Majors work alongside Generals to execute operations, meetings, promotions, and major events.

Requirements for 1st CPT to MAJ: 1.) Have hosted a minimum of [20] workshops as a Captain. 2.) Excel at being a 1st Captain for at least [2] weeks. 3.) Be in good standing with [0] Corrective Action Strikes for at least [60] days. 4.) Must pass Major/Gen test given by Division Leader. 5.) Must be LDPM Certified.

Responsibilities: Co-Host a minimum of [1] meeting a week. Host Faction meetings on behalf of the General when absent. Promote ELIGIBLE Members to Veteran Members. Help General make sure that LT’s and MSGs are active, following procedures, and doing their duties.

Classification: Faction Leadership

Rank: General (GEN)

Maximum per Faction: 1

Description: Generals are solely responsible to run their respective Divisional Faction with ease. These members have been through the ranks and are 100% familiar with the rules and know how the community is to be operated. Generals must oversee that everyone underneath them is doing their Rank Responsibilities properly and must enforce the rules if there are any issues and report them to their respective Commanders.

Requirements: 1.) Must be approved for promotion by Division Leader. 2.) Must have been a Major in good standing for at least [3] weeks. 3.) Must be in good standing with [0] Corrective Action Strikes for at least [60] days. 4.) Must be LDPM Certified.

Responsibilities: Ensure all Faction operations are occurring (including Game nights, Recruiting, Promotions, Competitive Teams) – Ensure all promotions are meeting minimum requirements. Oversee Faction Promotions. Work alongside Faction Majors to establish Weekly Activity and Meeting Schedules.

Classification: Faction Leadership

Rank: Commander

Maximum per Division: 15

Description: This rank is reserved for Faction Generals who have succeeded at operating a faction for at least [3] months with [0] Corrective Action Strikes, and have displayed great success with executing Faction Operations. Commanders oversee all Factions of the Division, and Sit-in on as many Faction Activities, Meetings, and Decisions as possible to offer knowledge, suggestions, and key information only established rank would be able to provide.

Requirements: Succeeded as a Faction General maintaining a minimum of [150] members for a minimum of [3] months. Must have [0] Corrective Action Strikes over a [6] month period. Generals who have succeeded will be promoted by the Division Leader and Co-Division Leader.

Responsibilities: Attend a minimum of [1] Faction meeting a week, however, encouraged to attend as many meetings as possible. Host a minimum of [1] Divisional-wide Game Night or Workshop a week. Must host 1 Event a week for the division with advanced notice, and be announced at least 1 week prior to event. All Faction LOA requests are submitted to a Divisional Commander who will report to the Co-Division Leader and Division Leader at weekly meetings for approval. All Promotion Requests to Major must be submitted to a Divisional Commander who will then report to the Co-Division Leader and Division Leader for approval. Most General requests and concerns will be reported to Commanders.

Classification: Division Staff

Rank: Co-Division Leader

Maximum per Division: 1

Description: The Co-Division Leader is the second in command of the division. Their duty is to assist and learn from their Division Leader. The goal of Co-Division Leaders is to eventually take over as the Division Leader and help grow the division and it’s brand.

Requirements: Be an active Leader within the Division. Be an active Division Staff member for at least 6 weeks. Must be voted on and approved by Senior Leadership. Must attend and pass Hell’s Pitt evaluations by Senior Leadership. Recommended by Division Leader and Director.

Responsibilities: Oversees all Factions and Division Staff. Attends/Hosts Division meetings. Attends Leaders Meeting. Issues strikes when necessary. Steps in for the Division Leader when needed.

Classification: Division Leadership

Rank: Division Leader

Maximum per Division: 1

Description: The Division leader is held responsible for the state of the division. The Division Leader is the main decision-maker and guide for their respective division within XGN. The responsibility to oversee all matters involving the members of their division lies with them.

Requirements: Be an active Co-Division leader within the division for at least 2 weeks. Promotions to Division Leader must be voted and approved by Senior Leadership.

Responsibilities: Run their respective Division. Attend leaders meetings representing their division. Promote/ Demote senior staff members within their division. Keep active communication with their assigned Senior Leaders. Ensure all XGN policies are being followed by all members of their division. Host Division Meetings, Division Staff Meetings, and Upper Staff meetings for their division.

Classification: Division Leadership

Rank: Director

Description: Directors are responsible for ensuring the Division Staff and Faction leaders are working effectively and efficiently. Directors also monitor and guide the corresponding divisions they are overseeing.

Requirements: Must be or have been a Division leader for at least 3 months. Must show leadership skills necessary to handle issues efficiently and effectively without interference from outside sources. Must consistently have good standing as a leader within XGN. Must be voted on and approved by Senior Leadership

Responsibilities: Develop goals and programs to better utilize their assigned Divisions. Attend Directors meetings. Provide meaningful feedback and mentorship to their assigned division leaders. Assist in policy changes and court rulings. Be active within the community.

Classification: Senior Leadership

Rank: Senior Director

Description: Senior Directors are responsible for ensuring the Division Staff and Directors are working effectively and efficiently for the betterment of XGN and its members. Senior Directors also monitor and guide the corresponding Division they are overseeing.

Requirements: Must be voted on and approved by Senior Leadership

Responsibilities: Keep constant communication with their assigned division. Develop goals and programs to better improve XGN divisions. Attend Directors meetings. Provide meaningful feedback and mentorship to their assigned division leaders and directors. Assist in policy changes and court rulings. Be active within the community.

Classification: Senior Leadership

Rank: Board of Directors

Description: Board of Directors are specialized Senior Directors the help with the specific backend production of XGN. They have the final ruling on all policies, cases, and overall community direction. This is a position of respect for continued positive leadership within XGN.

Requirements:  Must be voted on and approved by Board of Directors

Responsibilities: Develop goals and programs to better improve XGN. Attend Directors meetings. Assist in policy changes and court rulings Be active within the community.

Classification: Senior Leadership

We encourage members to follow us on Social Media Platforms:

We also encourage, but not require all Members to help support our community by putting our discord server link in their bio or where applicable on all supported platforms. (i.e. Xbox, PSN, Steam, Twitter, Instagram, Facebook, …etc).

Xiled Gaming Network is governed and sustained by the following key Policies. -Subject to change-

While we are a laid-back community, we ask all XGN members (not on LOA) to participate in activities within the community. Participation is what makes our communities grow and brings members together, ensuring we remain a healthy and active organization.   -Console Activity: Members of XGN holding an active rank of Staff + are required to take part in meetings, game nights, and other activities a minimum of once a month.    -Attendance: Every staff member of XGN is important to the overall success of OUR communities. When you are not here, someone else must fill your role. Consequently, you are expected to report to games, practices, and meetings on time at the scheduled start of the day. Reporting to games, practices, and meetings shows initiative and responsibility.

To request a community transfer you must contact the CEO/OWNER of xgn and let them know who you (requestee) are wanting to transfer to, from there the CEO/OWNER will reach out to the requested community for approval or denial. transfer (requestee must be in good standings within XGN ) if approved roles will be removed from the XGN discord and requestee will be place as a guest (requestee will be told by CEO/OWNER )

XGN considers its confidential and proprietary information, including the confidential and proprietary information of our members, to be one of its most valuable assets. As a result, members must carefully protect, and must not disclose to any third party, any confidential and proprietary information belonging to XGN or its members. Protected information includes, but is not limited to, matters of a technical nature, any information technologies, product sources, product research, designs, matters of a business nature including, but not limited to, member lists, member data, strategies, and/or Board Room related topics

Whenever a member is to be investigated and/or reprimanded, two (2) officers above the member’s rank must be present at all times. No one else but the offender and two (2) officers may be allowed to attend.

In order to have a Membership Revocation, former involvement in any Non-XGN community, or Website Ban officially appealed, the member or potential members (including during any training of a new member into the community) must go through the XGN Court System. However, please be aware of any minimum time requirements before appealing (see Disciplinary Policy below). All appeals will be processed in a transparent and unbiased manner by XGN Senior Leadership. Once an appeal has been processed and decided upon by senior leaders, the decision is final. If the appeal is denied and the member, former member, or community disagrees with the court’s ruling, a subsequent appeal may be reconsidered after 30 days from the date of the ruling. At any point in this process, the XGN Board of Directors may add or remove any stipulations in regards to said member’s return. If the member contacts any court judges before or during an investigation, they will be automatically denied and must wait an additional 30 days before they can re-submit their appeal. The XGN Court judges have the right to determine what rank is suitable for members to return, in which case the ruling will be final. Individuals who are not directly involved with a case asking for information or arguing with decisions may result in disciplinary actions!

Members are NOT permitted to contact any other organization or company on behalf of Xiled Syndicate or XGN to facilitate or discuss community operations/relations. Report ALL questions, comments, and concerns about external organizations or their members to your Division Leader who will ensure the information reaches the appropriate individual(s).

Strike policy:
Strike System  If a member breaks the Code of Conduct (mild or serious infractions), he or she will be subject to a “strike”. A strike is valid for 365 days, after 365 days, the strike will no longer count towards the member. 

  • One Strike will result in the member being placed into the “I Strike Discord Role”. 
  • Two Strikes will result in the member being Rank Revoked, may not receive any promotions for 1 Year and placed into the “II Strike Discord Role”. 
  • Three Strikes will result in a Membership Revoke of the Member. 

NOTE: In certain situations, an automatic MR may be warranted given substantial evidence and serious violations of the XGN Code of Conduct. If a member leaves the community because a strike was given, that member is subject to a Membership Revoke. Only Co-Division Leaders and above may issue a strike against a member with proper evidence. All evidence must be posted in the strike channel in the Xiled HQ chat for a strike to be considered viable, if evidence is not supported the strike will not adhere to the person receiving said strike.


RANK REVOKE: This disciplinary step is for infractions of the Rules or Code of Conduct that warrant a Second Strike. A member that is Rank Revoked shall be relieved of all staff duties and moved down to the Veteran Member rank until the Rank Revoke has expired. Once the required time has expired on the Rank Revoke it is up to the Division Leader or appropriate senior leader to decide what rank the member may return as. Only Senior Staff and above may Rank Revoke a member given they have proper evidence. Directors and above may Rank Revoke up to [365] Days with the joint approval of at least 1 other director+. XGN High Council may Rank Revoke indefinitely.


DIVISION LEVEL D.N.H.: The Division Leader may choose to “D.N.H.” a member who has broken the Code of Conduct (CoC) or Policies. Only Division Leaders and above may “D.N.H.”. The member which has been “D.N.H.’d” has two days (48 hours) to find a division to transfer to. The member will advise their previous Division Leader of what division they wish to transfer to. At this point, the Division Leader will set up the transfer. At no point in time is any member allowed to transfer Divisions without approval from their Division Leader. If, after 2 days, the member is unable to locate a suitable division, the member is then considered a non-member and is Membership Revoked. A member is only allowed to be D.N.H (2) times from any division. A third D.N.H will result in an automatic Membership Revoke.


MEMBERSHIP REVOKE: A Membership Revoke is used when a member has severely (or continuously) broken the CoC, to the extent that senior leadership deems them entirely unfit for the community and must be removed immediately. See Membership Reinstate Policy.   The following list includes, but is not limited to, actionable offenses which may result in a member, or members, being: Membership Revoked:   Harassment (including sexual) Threats of Violence (credible) Information Technology Sabotage Stalking Felonious Activity   We DO NOT condone illegal activities of any sort. All are subject to immediate removal from the community.
Disciplinary Levels of Escalation: There are 4 primary disciplinary levels of escalation that must be considered when rules have been broken by a member of XGN.

-Verbal Warning- A verbal warning is a disciplinary step taken for minor offenses and breaches of CoC. Be mindful that this is meant to be the only warning necessary. An offense of the same type or nature after the member has previously been warned should automatically qualify for stronger disciplinary action. Be sure to always utilize the golden rule and select the appropriate environment to talk with a member.

-Demotion- A demotion is a disciplinary step taken primarily for a member’s failure to correctly execute staff duties. In some rare cases a demotion may be appropriate in conduct issues where a Strike would be too much or in addition to a strike if deemed reasonable. For the first case where a member is not doing what is required of their rank as staff a demotion should almost always be preceded by a verbal warning informing the staff member of the issue. 


-Strike- A strike is a disciplinary action recommended by Co-Division Leaders and above for conduct violations of the CoC. Strikes may also be given out in response to repeated minor conduct violations given the member has received a verbal warning for similar conduct in the past. Strikes are not meant to be given out to members that fail to properly execute the duties of their staff role.


-Membership Revoke- Only Directors, Senior Directors, and XGN High Council members may recommend a member for Membership Revoke. This is the absolute final step in the disciplinary process and holds much more weight than any other level. Membership Revoke recommendations are voted upon by Directors and above. Membership Revokes are meant to remove members that commit serious or repeated violations of the Code of Conduct.

All members of XGN will be required to have access, in some part, to the Discord App for the sake of proper communication within and without the Division. This is accessible through any smartphone, PC, laptop, or even via Microsoft Edge (on the Xbox One) or other browsers (if only to the extent of viewing).   Any member of XGN wishing to have or create their own server: – Has to get permission from their Division Leader. The Division Leader will then notify their Director, which will, in turn, take the request to the XGN Board of Directors. – The XGN Board of Directors will create the requested server and set up all security permissions. Following this, they will continue to monitor the server for the safety of its members. Any Illegal drugs are prohibited in our Discord VC’s. Any controlled substances during activities must be flagged as for “mature audiences only”. Anyone of underage is not allowed in sessions labeled for Mature Audiences Only.

An important part of Xiled Gaming Network’s mission is to provide equal gaming opportunities to all gamers. Discrimination against anyone, including but not limited to game (play/skill), race, age, gender bias, sexual orientation, gender orientation, religious affiliation, national origin, disability, political affiliation, or any other personal interest, or investment is STRICTLY PROHIBITED. Xiled Gaming Network strives to provide a community environment that is fair and equal to all its members.

Faction Splits are a big part of building XGN divisions. A Faction split must be approved by Director+. The Division Leader and Co Division Leader will meet with their Director + over their Division to start the process of a Faction Split. Minimum Requirements for a Faction Split are as followed:
-Must have at least 250 people in the Faction
-1 Gen (Must have been Gen for the full 3 months)
-2 Majors (Must have met time Requirements for Gen)
-1 first captain ready for major
-5 captains (1 ready for 1st captain)
-4 LTS
-6 MSGs

XGN believes in maintaining a safe and healthy gaming experience by promoting an open, friendly, and supportive gaming environment for all its members. Violence and/or threats of violence have no place in our community. Violence and/or threats are never an effective solution to any problem. Members are expected to immediately report any violation(s) of this policy to their superior officer(s). Any member found threatening another member, will be subject to disciplinary action, up to and including, Strike, Demotion, and/or Membership Revocation from XGN!

XGN will not tolerate harassment or intimidation of our members in any situation. Harassment is governed by state laws, which vary from state to state, but is usually defined as a course of conduct that annoys, threatens, intimidates, alarms, or puts a person in fear of their safety. Harassment is unwanted, unwelcome, and uninvited behavior that demeans threatens or offends the individual. Intimidation includes, but is not limited to, knowingly putting another person (or persons) in fear of harm to one’s physical, mental, emotional, or personal loss. Additionally, intimidating any XGN member in any way that holds their membership, rank, or title hostage in lieu of inappropriate or non-governed performance is STRICTLY PROHIBITED. Example: threatening or intimidation for more than the minimum rank or membership requirements is strictly prohibited. Violations to this policy may result in severe disciplinary action(s), including but not limited to, Revocation of your membership. Additionally, you may even face criminal prosecution to the fullest extent of the law, should the situation provide for it.

XGN strictly prohibits any member from impersonating or misrepresenting themselves in any way. This includes, but is not limited to, impersonation or misrepresentation of a member’s rank, department affiliation, activity completions (including testing/training), and/or military status for the purpose of manipulation or abuse of rules, policies, or special consideration(s) not deserved. XGN conveys huge respect for all those who sacrifice themselves in defense of their countries. Impersonation of any military affiliation is prohibited, and those caught violating this policy may face severe disciplinary action(s), including but not limited to, permanent revocation of your membership.

There are three (3) types of LOA: Short-Term LOA, Long-Term LOA, and Military LOA.

Short-Term LOA: A member may request a “Short-Term” Leave of Absence from their XGN membership at any time without denial. The member will receive an LOA, and then be subsequently relieved of any and all responsibilities during their requested absence period. If the member is an officer, an equal (or superior) officer will be assigned to cover their responsibilities while on LOA. The period which qualifies as a “Short-Term” LOA is 1 to 15 days. Upon returning from a “Short-Term” LOA within the allotted time frame, the member is restored to active status and returned to their previous position before being placed on LOA. All members on LoA must have the LoA role in the Xiled Gaming Network Server.   Should the member not return to their division in the allotted time frame, the member will automatically be upgraded to a “Long-Term” LOA status for the duration of the “Long-Term” time limit (75 days more). The member will then be removed from their discord staff roles (if applicable) to allow for XGN related progress to occur. The member’s position may then be made available for another member to be promoted into. Upon returning late, the TRANSFER POLICY will apply.  

Long-term LOA: A member may receive a “Long-Term” leave of absence from their XGN membership at any time. The member will then be subsequently relieved of any and all responsibilities during their absence. The period for which qualifies as “Long-Term” LOA is 1 to 90 days. A member on “Long-Term” LOA must be removed from their discord staff role (if applicable). Should the member not return to their “post” in that time frame, the member will automatically be removed and subject to the ACTIVITY / INACTIVITY POLICY.  

Military LOA: A member may receive a “Military” Leave of Absence from their XGN membership at any time. The member will be subsequently relieved of any and all responsibilities during their absence. Military LOA is 1 to 365 days. Should the member not return to their division in that time frame, the member will automatically be reached out too or stepped down to veteran member. This is necessary due to the continual growth and evolution of XGN Membership and Policies, which after 365 days (or more), will have changed substantially. Any member found to have falsified their military status or utilizing “Stolen Valor” for the purposes of a Military LOA, may be subject to disciplinary action(s), including but not limited to, Revocation of your membership. LOA’s are subject for reviewal if being misused or come off early . (A member may be denied to come off of LOA early at the discretion of the Division Leader.)

Procedure for LOA:

  • Member must notify their Division Leader for LOA status.
  • Member must place LOA in their Discord name and be given the LOA Role.

Returning Procedures:

  • Must report to their Division Leader to be taken off of LOA
  • Removes LOA from their Discord name

LOA provides a needed time away for personal reasons. LOA is a consideration to its membership, which XGN recognizes, for needed time away from the  community (for personal or real-life demands). If a member is found to be using the LOA process to shelter themselves from their responsibilities (shirking), they may face disciplinary action(s), including but not limited to, Membership Revocation.

A person wishing to return to the community that has been previously Membership Revoked or has been a member of Other Clans/Communities will be evaluated by the XGN court system.

In XGN, we wish to ensure that members of all ranks are given a path to speak to leadership. This includes, but is not limited to, topics about harassment, discrimination, and general clan questions or concerns. It is preferred that you use the Chain of Command and speak directly to the leaders placed over you. However, if after talking to your leadership you feel the need for additional discussion, you are welcome to talk with your higher leadership by sending a private message to any or all members of the XGN High Council. The Open Door Policy is not an invitation to circumvent the Chain of Command. You, as a member of XGN, must always take responsibility, knowing that circumventing the Chain of Command may result in disciplinary action. The relationship between you and your leaders will be one of the most important relationships you will have in XGN.

No rank is EVER guaranteed. Members may not hold a rank (or title) without first successfully completing the Official XGN test and/or training for that position. Acting ranks (e.g.: MSG, LT, CPT…), are to be secured by a superior rank, not a subordinate. For this example, a Senior Staff member would be asked to act as Staff Leader until such time as a new Staff member could be promoted from the ranks, or transferred into the division from another existing one. Again, successful completion of the appropriate test/training must occur first. Staff and Veteran Staff level promotions may ONLY be affected by the division’s Division staff, unless the situation requires a Member to be promoted to Major/Gen, which will then be administered by the Division Leader. Should there be a need to fill a Division Staff position, the Division Leader is responsible to promote a qualified member to that position. If the vacancy is in the Co-Division Leader or Division Leader position, the responsibility falls on the Director to submit a qualified member to the XGN Board of Directors for voting. All ranks above Co-Division Leader are voted in by the XGN Board of Directors.  To obtain the ranks of Staff, specific LDP slide-shows and testing are MANDATORY. Failure to do so will result in an AUTOMATIC demotion as well as possible disciplinary actions to any and all Division Staff members involved in said promotions. Testing must be given by a Veteran staff member two ranks above the rank they are testing and have a division staff member sitting in.

Real-life comes first, but not to the detriment of the community. XGN recognizes that members have a real-life presence outside of the community, and members are expected to handle their personal life first. However, the responsibilities you voluntarily accepted are still expected to be upheld. If you cannot uphold your duties, then either do not accept, or please surrender the responsibility. Be aware that all requirements of staff members within XGN will take a certain amount of your time away from your gaming and/or personal life. This is voluntary. DO NOT accept a staff position if you will not be able to meet those requirements.

Xiled Gaming Network is a family-oriented community. Being a community, we understand that people will pair up. If two members do pair up, we ask them to please take responsibility and follow the rules outlined; this includes all marriages or “real-life” relationships of any sort. Taking responsibility for your relationship, you will be asked if your relationship gets in the way of your XGN duties, the duties of others, the running of the division, or the well-being of any member in the community. Disciplinary action can be up to, but not limited to, a Membership Revoke. This does qualify for real-life relationships if both parties are both in XGN. This policy does not permit any member over the age of 18 to be in any form of relationship with a member under the age of 18. Violation of this subject of the policy will result in an immediate Membership Revoke of both parties. XGN does allow personal “real-life” relationships within the same division. Due to the potential perception of a conflict of interest, the division leader reserves the right to ask a member to transfer divisions should there be sufficient evidence to show the relationship negatively affects their division. This is to prevent the idea of favoritism or “non-favoritism”. Adult members, over the age of 18, may not have, pursue, or engage in, any unlawful personal ‘pseudo-sexual’ relationship with another member under the age of 18 while in the community. No matter where they reside. We understand some countries are different but to remediate any conflicts the age limit is set to a firm 18 years of age.

Members are restricted from participating in more than three (3) departments at any given time. This is to ensure members are able to commit fully to those departments rather than only give a little to several

This symbol of recognition is given to those Leaders in the community that has shown good leadership skills, commitment, and loyalty to the community. Those who acquire this will do so to pay respect to the many leaders of XGN that come before them and set an example of excellence!


  • Must hold the rank of Division Staff or higher. 
  • Must be an active member of the community and in good standing.
  • Must pass a verbal test given by a Director or higher.
  • Any member that has already obtained the “7 / VII” will be grandfathered into this policy.

(S)exual (H)arassment (A)ssault (R)esponse (P)revention; S.H.A.R.P.   Any suggestion made to any member that sexual favors will affect any term or condition of membership with XGN will not be tolerated. It is the policy of XGN that any harassment, including acts which create a hostile gaming environment, or any other discriminatory act(s) directed against our members, will result in swift and severe discipline, up to and including, Membership Revoke. We will not tolerate any such harassment of our members by anyone. For purposes of this policy, sexual harassment is defined as: Any type of sexually oriented conduct, whether intentional or not, which is unwelcome, and has the purpose, or effect, of creating a gaming environment which is hostile, offensive, or coercive. The following are examples of conduct that, depending upon the circumstances, may constitute sexual harassment. Sexual harassment may include anything from calling a person a derogatory name to making advances of a sexual nature. Other forms of sexual harassment include:   Verbal abuse of a sexual nature; sexually degrading, or vulgar, words to describe an individual. The display of sexually suggestive objects, pictures, posters or cartoons. Unwelcome comments about an individual’s body. Asking questions about a person’s sexual preferences, sexual jokes, language, nicknames, advances, or propositions. Written or oral conduct. Members must bring any violation of this policy to the immediate attention of their leaders so they can take it up to a Senior Director. This policy is one of the three exceptions to breaking the Chain of Command.

Slander is the oral communication of false statements that are harmful to a person’s reputation. Libel is the written or printed communication of false statements through words, pictures, or any form other than spoken words or gestures.  Defamation is the communication of a false statement, or claim, which harms the reputation of an individual person or group.  If the statements are proven to be true, it is a complete defense to a charge of slander. Oral opinions that don’t contain statements of fact don’t constitute slander.  Slander is also defined as an act of communication that causes someone to be shamed, ridiculed, held in contempt, and lowered in the estimation of the community.   The basic elements of a claim of slander include:   A defamatory statement Published to third parties Where the speaker or publisher knew or should have known, that a statement(s) was false

XGN is a gaming community as well as a social media community. We handle official business on multiple platforms. We also support the gaming app, Discord, for all chats outside of the console/forums as well as other social media platforms including but not limited to Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, etc. All members will still be subject to all XGN policies and the Code of Conduct on any account linked with the XGN brand. For example, any private account on any social media is private; however, any account with XGN or is linked to the community in the name or day-to-day activity is considered your Xiled Gaming Network account. Any chat holding more than 10 members with XGN accounts will be considered an unofficial XGN chat and will be shut down immediately as we have provided sanctioned Discord chats for every member (This means all XGN business is to be handled within XGN provided discord channels.) Any breach of this policy will have consequences.   While XGN does support the separation of community business and personal affairs, if an account is to be personal it is expected to not involve community affairs. If a personal account is known to belong to a member and is found to be disrespecting, slandering, or defaming another member, it will be subject to the terms outlined in the XGN Policies and Code of Conduct.

XGN is a Neutral/Non-Aggressive Gaming Entity. We neither condone, nor participate, in hostile activities including, but not limited to, Poaching, Clan-Hitting, or Public Defamation. We are a friendly and safe gaming community that works vigorously to encourage and maintain a safe and positive gaming environment for gamers around the world. XGN does NOT accept members of any other organized gaming group. All former members of another team must meet the standards and follow the process listed in the Code of Conduct rule #4 as well as the “Training” policy. Additionally, recruits may not be recruited into XGN within 30 days of previous membership of any gamer community, or clan including those within XGN. NOTE: All recruits of XGN must NOT have another organized gaming group within their platform name and must NOT be permitted to join the community until they have changed said username.

The training process is a multi-step process that can be completed at different times, however, new potential recruits must be trained within 72 hours. No one is to be recruited while belonging to another community, excluding Professional Organizations the potential new member is a “fan” of e.g.: FaZe, OpTic, nV, MLG Official (see XGN Training Guide)   

Parties and Status: So that leadership can properly and efficiently contact you as a member, we ask that all members keep their parties open so that they can join if needed. Parties should only be locked down when discussing XGN business, or if a Senior Director or higher is in the party and requests the party to be placed on Invite Only.

Removal of Individuals: We also ask that you do NOT kick/remove members  from parties. If you should have an issue with another member or non-member, please leave the party and start another. If the situation persists, you may be permitted to lock your party.

Statuses: A member should always keep their status set to Online. NOTE: Due to open foreign/domestic relations with other groups and individuals, the leadership of XGN must often keep Party Chats closed in order to protect the members of XGN within them. Members may only be permitted to set their status as ‘Do Not Disturb’ under 3 circumstances: If they are not currently in front of/active at their console, are currently on an LOA Status, or if permitted by Divisional Staff. In any of these situations, they are still required to notify Lower Staff and/or Division Staff.

If a member is currently not active or conducting XGN business or gaming, the previous restrictions do not apply. However, if there are repeated questionable situations or abuse of these rules regarding “Do Not Disturb”, the member may be subject to questioning by Lower Staff or Division Staff.

All members have the right to ask for a division transfer. All transfers must be requested by the member wishing to transfer, in person, via direct message or verbally. The proper way to request a transfer is to either have a message forwarded up the chain of command to the Division Leader, or the member may go directly to the Division Leader and place their request verbally. Transfers are typically approved and completed without issue. Only the Division Leader of the, sought-after, or “new”, division may deny the transfer. The division the member is seeking to leave cannot deny the transfer. The member may then select another potential division for transfer, or choose to rescind their request (stay in their current division). The member will then be invited into a party with their existing Division Leader, or their proxy, accompanied by the Division Leader of their new division, and the transfer will commence.Simple breakdown steps to a division transfer: Notify your Division Leader of your request, verbally or in writing. The Division Leader will aid you in pursuing the transfer by contacting the leader of the desired division.   The Division Leader will notify the Division Leader of the requested transfer and discuss the specifics surrounding the request. The ONLY information which may be conveyed, is the member’s CURRENT status. No other information may be divulged/conveyed about the member including (but not limited to) the member’s character, history, conduct, attitude, professionalism, or any lack thereof. This means the Division Leader cannot bad-mouth or put down the member that is looking to transfer. The privacy of the member must be preserved and protected at all times. Members are allowed (1) Division Transfer every 6 Months with a remorse clause of up to 2 weeks. If the member is not happy within those 2 weeks they may return back to the division the member transfered from without denial. If the individual goes back to their division within those 2 weeks they will have to wait another 6 months for another transfer. A member may not hold more than 1 transfer (transfers DO NOT accumulate).   
ALL Division Leaders are responsible for filling out the Division Transfer form. Failure to do so will result in an “invalid” transfer!  

This symbol of recognition is given to those Leaders in the community that has shown good leadership skills, commitment, and loyalty within Xiled Departments and Clubs. Those who acquire this have shown their dedication and loyalty within these entities.  



  • Must be Head of a Department or/and Club Owner 
  • Must have been in a Department for 6+ Months
  • Xiled for Departments must be approved by Xiled Tex 7
  • Xiled for Clubs must be approved by Xiled Tex 7
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