Hall of Fame Inductee Spotlight: XGN BlueDream 7!

Article By: XGN MsGlitter

Today I got a chance to meet one of the newest inductees into the Hall of Fame: XGN Bluedream 7! He’s a pretty cool guy to hang around, and a great leader in XGN!

MG: When were you first recruited into XGN?
BD: “June 2016.”

MG: Have you had any bad experiences within XGN?
BD: “No, not really. I mean, I have been through a rough time before I was a div leader. Pretty much my whole division staff left XGN at one point, but we did work the division back up in numbers.”

MG: When you were first recruited, what squad and division were you placed in?
BD: “Jungle in Walking Amongst Gods.”

MG: Did you ever think you would end up in XGN’s Hall of Fame?
BD: “No.”

MG: Have you had any mentors throughout your XGN career? How have they helped you?
BD: “Yes, I had quite a few. One of my mentors helped me a lot with my struggles. XGN HELL5FURY 7 has helped me a lot, him along with XGN Rufis 7, XGN TrueKing. They all helped me a lot.”

MG: Any words of wisdom for new recruits just getting settled into XGN? 
BD: “Be outgoing. Don’t let anyone tell you that you can’t be the next big thing; people will tell you that you will be a horrible leader, or whatever the case may be. Let those words fuel your fire and keep going.”

MG: In your eyes, how has XGN grown since you were recruited? 
BD: “I have noticed through me moving up in my career, leaders have been getting better and better. LDP has really grown throughout XGN. I had great mentors that showed me how to be a better leader. I think we have great leaders throughout XGN.”

MG: As a director, what are your goals for the community as a whole?
BD: “Growth. Proper leadership. I would like to see every division growing running correctly. I would love to see every squad in every division grow as a whole for this community.”

MG: What’s the greatest accomplishment you’ve achieved in XGN? 
BD: “The leaders I have produced and the leaders that have followed me. The success of WaG really means a lot to me. WaG used to be known as an underrated division. I truly believe the leaders that have helped bring it back in spite.”

MG: Any words for the community?
BD: “Have fun.”
After this one on one with XGN BlueDream 7, I have established that he is a really cool guy to chat with! Congratulations to Bluedream 7 for being inducted in the Hall of Fame 2018! That’s it for this article, stay tuned for more!
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