Forget Black Friday, It’s Green Week! By XGN Jessi 7

Year after year, usually we all get super fat with our turkey and pumpkin pies, then decide to go beat up other people for a flat screen TV. This year we can just stay home, because this is the biggest and best sale to come from GamerCrates each year.

Last year GamerCrates decided to not just have a Black Friday or Cyber Monday sale, forget that nonsense. Make sure you get ready for this year’s Green Week! Starting on Monday November 20th, and ending on [my birthday] November 27th, GamerCrates will be having awesome deals on past crates, GFuel packs, Game On Snacks, game merchandise, and T-Shirts!

During the Green Week sale, you’ll see past crates knocked down to $17.99, $5 off of a one month subscription, and even a $5 mini mystery crate that features 3 past crate items! Some miscellaneous game merchandise is even selling for as low as $1.99!

Make sure you also follow GamerCrates on Twitter, for exclusive deals that you won’t see in their Green Week Catalog!

While you wait another week for the Green Week sale to begin, make sure you check out GamerCrates’ awesome deals that they are offering now!

$6.00 Energy Upgrade to add to your existing GamerCrates subscription.
The $19.99 Snack Pack Subscription that offers 7, 14, and 30 day delivery increments with FREE US SHIPPING.

As always make sure you check out the Crate Of The Month! December’s crate theme is Mystery! For $21.99 you will over $60 worth of officially licensed and exclusive gaming items! Remember to use code XGN and save. Don’t miss out!

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