Game or Die Splits and Gains Flagship

We would like to extend congrats to the Division Game or Die for finally splitting to the new Division, Warriors of Animosity, and reaching Flagship status yesterday! I had the chance to talk to the Division Leader, now Director, XGN Euphoria 7 about this momentous occasion.

XGN Jessi 7: [talking about the split] “lol article time! So hows it feel finally splitting?”

XGN Euphoria 7: “It feels great to finally be splitting. I loved to see all the reactions of everyone and how proud they were of not only me, but themselves. I couldn’t have done this without everyone in my division, I am truly happy of the success of GoD.”

XGN Jessi 7: “I know you’ve been working towards this for awhile, what was the hardest part of working towards the split?”

XGN Euphoria 7: “It’s was surprising for me to figure it out. In my opinion, the hardest part wasn’t giving the tests, making sure everyone’s uniform was in order, or even going through the tags to make sure they match the CMS, it was literally figuring out the new divisions name. God, was that difficult.”

XGN Jessi 7: “What made you choose the name that you did? How many did you go through before choosing?”

XGN Euphoria 7: “Well, I have always liked the word animosity; I believe it’s really sophisticated, nice, and has an awesome ring to it. It took hours to think of it, and I always thought of GoD as mini warriors striving for success. To get to WoA, it went through countless names. In the end, I pulled almost everyone who was a COL+ and we all voted for it to be WoA or something else; mostly everyone preferred WoA.”
XGN Jessi 7: “Now that your new Division has been created, what are your new squad names there? What Division staff have been moved to Warriors of Animosity?”
XGN Euphoria 7: “We don’t have any new names as no squads have split. I am hopefully that the new division leaders will continue the theme of the names. The div staff that went over to WoA was XGN Paradox VII, XGN KiloSixSix, XGN Phobia 7, XGN Sloth, and XGN THUGG.”
XGN Jessi 7: “How does it feel to have finally attained the rank of Director? (Assuming you have been promoted)”

XGN Euphoria 7: “It feels amazing, and a huge weight is lifted off my shoulders. It doesn’t mean being a division leader is a bad thing, it’s amazing! I mean it as a good change, now I can directly affect the community as a whole for the better. I always love helping.”

XGN Jessi 7: “What are your plans now that you are a Director? Any projects that you would like to start?”

XGN Euphoria 7: “Yes I do have plans as a director, unfortunately I cannot talk about them at this point in time. But I will say I will be helping out with multiple projects for the betterment of the community”

XGN Jessi 7: “Lastly, what are your goals for these new divisions?”

XGN Euphoria 7: “My goals for these divisions is to succeed, bring up great leaders, and remember the roots of XGN. I want them to remain to be fun, happy, and a place where everyone feels like it’s home. I hope the leaders chosen continue to be great and run their respected divisions amazingly until they eventually split the division themselves.”

We would also like to congratulate Dealers of Death for also splitting into Brotherhood of Steel and gaining Flagship status as well. An article about their split will be coming soon!


By XGN Jessi 7

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