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How much do you love the XGN Forums? Do you want your own official Xiled Gaming Network jersey? Now comes your chance to help boost activity on the forums and earn your way to some great prizes.

Starting April 1st and ending on May 1st, your Web Ops Director XGN BreeEazy will be hosting a Forums Posting Contest. Whichever member has the most forum posts within that amount of time will be a winner! The rules are fairly simple, Absolutely NO SPAMMING. If you would like to be involved in this contest, simply post a reply to this topic on the forums stating your Gamertag, and your Squad and Division.

The top 3 posters will win the following prizes:

1st Place – 2017 XGN Jersey & Forum Award
2nd Place – XGN T-Shirt & Forum Award
3rd Place – Forum Award
When I asked XGN BreeEazy what her inspiration for this contest was, she had this to say;“I’ve always done contests for my Division so I wanted to expand it and do XGN as a whole this time around. Having contests for members gives them a reason to post and gets them motivated to hop on and try and post as much as they can. Plus, the new XGN Jersey is out and I’m sure a lot of members would love to win that. Awards are also popular at the moment so being able to win that would make someone happy I think!”

I also asked her what she hopes will come with this contest, and what changes she hoped this would bring to this community.” I hope it helps members get used to using the forums and let them know that the forums really aren’t hard to get around, once you get the hang of it. They’re actually super fun to use and a great way to meet other members outside of their Division and Squad. Also hope that it would get members interested in becoming something outside of Clan Ops, such as becoming a member of one of many Departments XGN has to offer. We all know posting is a XGN requirement so if contests get our members posting and using the forums then it’ll help them out by being able to rank up and also they’ll be able to help newer members navigate the forums.”

So get out there and get posting! The forums are your friend, and you will make way more friends when you’re active with the community.

By XGN Jessi 7

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