For Honor, a Future for XGN: By XGN Euphoria 7

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I had the chance to interview the lovely XGN RIZZI, Ish XGN, and Mr XGN on their thoughts and feelings about the new game For Honor.

“How would you describe the new game For Honor?”

XGN RIZZI: “The new game For Honor? Exciting, fresh, and bloody. It’s something that is easy to pick up, but difficult to master.”

Ish XGN: “It’s honestly, uhm, it’s different.”

Mr XGN: “ I played For Honor for the first time last night and I think it will be the bee’s knees.”

“How good of a game is For Honor to recruit on?”

XGN RIZZI: “So, I believe that at first it might be a little difficult to bring a random into the party on the first round because obviously you are looking for the thrill and you just want to get deep into the action. But after a couple rounds, people tend to join the parties and that’s when you can begin a connection with said player.”

Ish XGN: “It’s a process.”

Mr XGN: “For Honor is the fucking best game since Mario Kart to recruit on.”

“Do you believe the game could be it’s own squad and not be a hybrid with another game in the future?”

XGN RIZZI: “Oh, good question! I believe it can be as long as people throw good events and game nights with the game. It’s definitely a good game and it’s a 4v4 and you want to hack and slash with people. We’ve done it a couple times here in Krypton [a squad in TH] and it’s [For Honor] hella fun.”

Ish XGN: “No I don’t think the game is that self sustaining to support an entire squad.”

Mr XGN: “Yes, yes, yes, yes, yes. I am sure Rizzie agreed. For Honor will be the future of XGN since Halo.”

“Do you know anything about the plotline of the story, or of the game,  for people interested in buying For Honor?”

XGN RIZZI: “It is a battle between three factions; a war of conflict between knights, vikings, and samurais. I don’t want to explain too much of the campaign as I am not one of those people who like to ruin it for some. But what I can say, you are fighting for your brothers and representing your people. Also, only you hold the key to your factions survival.”

Ish XGN: “No, not really but the multiplayer is epic.”

Mr XGN: “All I know is that I’m an assassin and I am karate chopping shit.”

“How popular is For Honor in your division?”

XGN RIZZI: “Very popular, it’s new, it’s a fast paced roller coaster of a ride and I personally know many people from different squads within TH that enjoy this game as much as I do or more.”

Ish XGN: “It’s one of the most played games next to Rainbow Six Siege in my division.”

Mr XGN: “TH is the best, long live the Helix.”

“Did adding For Honor as a game for your squads improve the activity of your division as a whole?”

XGN RIZZI: “Absolutely, I have seen a dramatic increase within TH. This new game that many people had because they enjoyed the beta, has helped promote people from other squads within TH on jumping in on this games game nights for For Honor.”

Ish XGN: “Yes, all of my Rainbow Six Siege squads that are hybrid with it have increased in numbers by it by at least 20.”

Mr XGN: “I think For Honor is going to be amazing.”

“What would you like to see added to the game?”

XGN RIZZI: “Ooo, good question! Something that I think would be really awesome would be a DLC with a totally different theme, but very much like For Honor; Mortal Kombat would be epic. Keep it to the For Honor combat style, or fighting aspect, but having Mortal Kombat characters in that kind of arena would be a huge success for the game itself.”

Ish XGN:“More players in a party, more than four players in a party.”

Mr XGN: “There needs to be more cute characters, thick with two c’s, sexy ass samarias.”


“Do you believe the women are overly sexualized in For Honor, like in Smite?”


Ish XGN: “No not at all, I like the women in Smite though.”

Mr XGN: “There is females in For Honor?”


“What are the kind of the people that you recruit out of in For Honor?”

XGN RIZZI: “I’d say awesome people with different characteristics but with a showing thrill to succeed and conquer.”

Ish XGN: “Competitive people.”

Mr XGN: “I haven’t personally recruited anyone yet in For Honor.”


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