Xiled Gaming Network | Frequently Asked Questions

General Information

What does XGN stand for?

A.) Xiled Gaming Network

Who created XGN?

Mr XGN, XGN Damaged VII, XGN Sandman 7, XGN Tiesto 7, XGN Legacy 7, XGN DARK 7 and XGN Anarchy VII

When Was XGN Created?

July 7th 2010

What Is XGN's Mission?

XGN is constantly striving to enhance the online gaming environment, without regards to skill, race, gender or personal beliefs. Our goal, over the past six years now, has been to become a hub for all types of players. Whether they are competitive or casual, Xiled Gaming Network is a place for gamers to call home, while allowing members to express their individual talents and passions for video games.

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What Is XGN's Matra?

Kaizen is a Japanese word meaning Consistent, and Never-Ending improvement. This is the XGN mantra. XGN Will be the best gaming community, and will always strive to improve.

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What is a Division?

A collection of ranked members which may split when membership reaches 500 members, from Division Leader to Private.

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What is a Squad?

A collection of ranked members not to exceed 125 members, from General to Private.

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What Is The Activity Policy?

While we are a laid-back community, we require all XGN members (not on LOA) to remain active within the community in order to keep their memberships active. Participating is what makes this community grow and brings members together ensuring we remain a healthy and active organization.

  • Console Activity: As listed in the Rank Descriptions,”members of XGN are required to take part in squad meetings, gamenights and activities a minimum of twice a month“.
  • Website/Forums Activity: As stated in “Code of Conduct Rule 14” “All members of XGN must remain active on the the XGN website, with a minimum of 5 post per month. Officers may request more participation, but members are not “required” to do more than their rank calls for.”
  • Attendance: Every member of XGN is important to the overall success of OUR community. When you are not here, someone else must do your job. Consequently, you are expected to report to games, practices, and meetings on time at the scheduled start of the day. Reporting to games, practices, and meetings shows initiative and responsibility.

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What does Background Check mean?

Background Check
The action of investigating a new recruits “Friends’ List” to locate and identify any, and all, potential associations with Blacklisted individuals, Communities, or clans.

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What does Council of Elders mean?

Council of Elders
Still a member of XGN, but does not hold any rank, have any duties, or jobs within the community. A form of XGN retirement.

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I want to join the XGN stream team, where do I go?

You would go to this link: http://joinxgn.com/ and apply. Remember, there are other departments to choose from like the news, design, and recruitment team.

I was removed for inactivity?!

No problem, simply send a message to the squad tag that removed you or re-apply on the XGN forums under the Membership Return section via Court System.

I would like to submit a complaint against a XGN member.

You can submit a complaint here.

A fellow member was being toxic during a game, what can I do?

If a member has been seen breaking any of the simple rules we have here at Xiled Gaming Network, please contact an officer in your squad immediately. If you are not aware of your squads leadership message the squad tag you were asked to add upon joining.

Alternatively, you can Report Members here.

I no longer wish to be a part of XGN, what should I do?

If you want to quit the community simply contact your squad General and let them know, remove the squad tag you added upon joining and leave the Xiled Gaming Network club.. You can email contact@xgn.gg if you want your forums account to be completely removed from XGN’s database. (This may take admins up to 7 days to complete)


Who is XGN affiliated with?

Since being created 7 years ago XGN has affiliated with only 1 community. That community is called Golden Gaming Network.

Who is XGN partnered with?

Konsole Kingz: XGN has been partnered with Konsole Kingz / XBL Marketplace since 2013 when we released the XGN Gamer-pictures on Xbox 360 and have released several more items since then and in the future!

Who is XGN sponsored by?


Xiled Gaming Network is a sponsored gaming organization. Below is information about all the companies and brands that support us.

•Scuf Gaming: Global leader and innovator in esports and winner of eSports Industry Awards “Best Hardware Award” for 2016, provides tactical gear for elite gamers where over 90% of the top professional gamers in the world use SCUF.

-URL: http://scufgaming.com/
-Discount Code: MrXGN (or) XGN saves 5%-10% on ALL orders

•Gfuel Energy Formula: Natural Energy Drink Formula created by Gamma Labs. Our original goal was to create a 100% clean, natural, and healthy alternative to sugar-loaded canned Energy Drinks. What we were after was an Energy Drink which would meet even the high standards of the most active and hectic lifestyles.

-URL: http://gfuel.com
-Discount Code: XGN saves you 10% on ALL orders

•Kontrol Freek: The leading developer of innovative gaming accessories that enhance the gaming experience and give gamers of all skill levels the competitive edge. KontrolFreek products are developed based on a careful study of ergonomics, ensuring each product also helps to reduce gamer fatigue, improving overall gaming comfort.

-URL: http://KontrolFreek.com
-Discount Code: XGN saves you 10% off ALL orders

•GamerCrates: The first ever subscription box dedicated to the eSports and gaming community. Pro level gear for amateur level prices!

-URL: http://gamercrates.com/
-Discount Code: XGN saves you 10% off ALL orders

•ACORN eSports: Everything today’s gamer needs… in a nutshell. Offering killer deals on apparel and eqipment while supporting gamers.

-URL: https://acornesports.com

•G2A: A global digital marketplace which specializes in gaming products. Including Xbox, Playstation and Steam. Offering the lowest prices online!

-URL: https://www.g2a.com/r/XGN
-Discount Code: XGN saves you 10% on ALL orders

•Strideline: The most comfortable sock on earth. Shop XGN branded socks in 3 different color schemes on their website.

-URL: https://www.strideline.com *Search XGN*
-Discount Code: XGN saves you 10% on ALL orders

•GT Omega Racing Chair: The Ultimate Racing Simulator Gaming Chairs seats, Race Cockpit Rig Sim.

-URL: https://www.gtomegaracing.com/
-Discount Code: XGN saves you 10% on ALL orders

Does XGN make money from the sponsors?

Yes, XGN makes a 5-10% commission based on sales in exchange to advertise their brands. If you purchase a Scuf Controller for $200 using code”XGN”, The community will make 5% ($10) and you save 5% ($10). It’s not the fortune XGN haters make it out to be. This money goes toward monthly XGN expenses such as server security, forum upgrades, tournaments, giveaways and events. ZERO XGN member makes any money regardless the amount or the position they hold. Any items sponsors send us to giveaway are given away on the forums or social media.

Is XGN and KSI hostile towards each other?

No, of course not. XGN works with all friendly gaming communties to keep a peaceful and enjoyable experience for members. If there is ever a problem leadership have open lines to get it resolved.

Ranks & Awards

How do I achieve the 7, why is it important?

The number 7 or VII represents the day XGN was created, 7/7 by 7 people. Members who complete a successful Squad-Split as General and become Co-Founders can take the 7’s test and be cleared to join the elite by placing a 7 or VII in their gamertag.

Whats does Flagship Division mean?

When a division gets to 500 members, a division leader can start working towards splitting his/her division. To split a division, they must receive flagship first, by asking a director.

The director will approach the C.C.O and ask if that specific division may split. They will both then evaluate all the officers within that division. If all is approved, the director must go down and start the flagship process, making sure all squads have all officers in place, and all CMS and tags are the same. They will then go through each tag and make sure all bios and uniforms of all squad members are correct otherwise they will be removed.

If the division falls under 450 members, they will lose their flagship status and have to reapply. The Division will have one week to get any removed members corrected and back on CMS, or their numbers back to 500 to receive flagship once again.

It is mandatory that:

  • At least 90% of the division must be verified to be in the XGN Club
  • Every uniform must be the same by XGN standards
  • All staff positions must be filled before splitting
  • Flagship must be obtained before splitting
  • There are some exceptions at XGN Sr Leadership’s discretion!

To receive flagship, a division must have a full division staff. All squads must have full staff, and all members’ bios,mottos, and uniforms must be correct.

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What is the XGN Rank Structure?

• President of XGN

• Chief Executive Officer

• Chief of Community Operations

• Chief of Staff

• Chief Performance Officer


• Chief Administrative Officer

• Chief Networking Officer

• Chief Information Officer

• Community Manager

• Public Relations Manager


• Senior Director

• Director


• Department Head

• Department Co-Head


• Division Leader

• Co-Division Leader

• Founder

• Co-Founder


• General

• Colonel

• Major

• Captains

• Lieutenant

• Master Sergeant

• Staff Sergeant

• Sergeant

• Corporal

• Private First Class

• Private

Read The Rank Descriptions and Duties here

How do I rank up in XGN?

Ranking Up in XGN

 All officer positions are voluntary. No one within the community gets paid for their work, so we prefer to offer them a high level of respect as officers for what they do to keep the community running. There are five primary ways in which members can rank up within XGN.


  1. Recruiting--We’re always looking for new, quality members willing to play and help better the community.
  1. Posting on the Forums- Our forums are one of our primary communication tools within XGN. As a result, we prefer members to utilize the tools we’ve given and it is necessary that all members, regardless of rank, stay active on the XGN forums.
  1. Attending Meetings– These are the primary way we communicate new information such as policy changes, staff updates, and upcoming events within XGN. As a result, to truly immerse oneself within the community, one should attempt to make as many of these meetings as possible. These are typically hosted by either the General, Colonel, Major, or First Captain.
  1. Attending Workshops / Game nights- The primary educational tool within XGN, workshops are informative meetings that focus on a single aspect of the community or squad that a officer in a squad or General has chosen to focus on. If something is being taught to a group of members via one of these, it is considered a workshop. Officers should be present to regulate these and only Lieutenants and above are allowed to host them. Attending Game Nights which are mostly just fun meetings where members get together to simply play, as a group, the game of their choosing. An officer does need to be present, however, they can be hosted by any member regardless of rank.
  1. Name change- This is done by putting “XGN” in their gamer tags. For example, if a Sergeant, changing their gamer tag to reflect XGN earns them an immediate single rank promotion upon contacting their General. All Game gamer tag changes should be reported to the squad officers to keep the CMS and squad tag well-regulated and up to date. Keep in mind, however, and notify new members that changing their gamer tag is not a requirement to join XGN. It is only a requirement if they wish to be the rank of Lieutenant or above to better represent their squad and community.

How do I rank up quickly?

Stay around, build, be nice, and don’t ask where your rank is. If you build for it, it will come.

How do I get awards?

There is a detailed thread here on “How to get awards” which will show you what you need and how you would go about submitting awards.

Who is in charge of giving out awards?

The AAP Staff. (Achievement and Award Program)


Why do people say bad things about XGN?

It’s impossible to say for certain but one can imagine it’s based off of jealousy and hatred. When you have a community as big as XGN it’s impossible not to create enemies. Anytime 1 members makes us look bad it reflects on us all. Also some rumors and hate are spread by ex-members who simply desire to destroy what we’ve built in hopes to make themselves seem better or take members from here. It’s the world. At the end of the day we’re all just normal people on the otherside of these mics who love to play games with friends!

Are the rumors about Mr XGN true?

Nope, Mr XGN is in his early 20’s and have been leading gaming communities since he was 13. He’s been online everyday since 2005 (sorta sad lol) and has been happily in a relationship for nearly 5 years. For the longest times enemies of Mr XGN, even when he was in KSI haters would try and DOX him (find his identity) to target him and his family.

Why doesn't Mr XGN share his identity?

Mr XGN has been a leader in gaming organizations since Halo 2 and part of the agreement with his grandmother he promised to not share his first name, last name and other private information in exchange he could play Xbox Live. The years passed and his grandmothers over-protective behavior stuck with him, so he continued to only tell online friends his middle name, Cory. Since then many people have attempting to “guess” Mr XGN’s identity and “expose” him, all being unsuccessful. It become some sort of game. It sums up to this, privacy.

Has Mr XGN ever been arrested?

No, Mr XGN has never been arrested, received a parking ticket or Jaywalked. He’s just a nerd who plays Xbox and somehow has a beautiful girlfriend.. (is mr xgn typing this?… yea :

How should I deal with XGN haters?

Essentially there will always be haters no matter what you do in life and that’s just how it is. However you can always avoid them by blocking communications. Haters often only hate to seek a reaction and once given that pleasure they take that as a win. Blocking them and denying them of the attention they grave grants you the satisfaction and the W!

What do you mean by "being active"?

So we factor in a lot here at XGN that we consider when looking at how “active” a member is.

. Meeting Attendance
. Gamenight Participation
. Recruiting Efforts
. Forum Posting / Activity (Members are considered inactive after no logging in for 30 days – or more)

What about social media?

You can find XGN on all of your favorite sites: FaceBook, YouTubeTwitter, Instagram and Twitch.tv.

I have an idea for how the community could be improved, what should I do?

If you have a suggestion please go here and start a new thread. Your idea will be considered and if put into use you will be awarded the Bright Idea Award.

When I'm not gaming, what does XGN have to offer?

There are a number of different resources available to you here in XGN. Along with our large Discord Server and massive community forums and Xbox Live community club to help you create friendships that will last a lifetime.

XGN is a video game clan, why does it need money?

All the nice things we have here cost money, whether it is the forums, server security, upgrades, events, giveaways, or other servers we may have.  For a current breakdown of what it costs to keep XGN going each month we have listed a Costs Breakdown not including optional costs such as Tournaments, Events, Giveaways, Upgrades, Repairs, Advertising, etc. below.

Website Server Box – $175 / month

Advance DDoS Protection / Prevention – $130 / month

Forum License – $200 / year

PB Mobile – $50 / year

Gallery License – $75 / year

Chat License – $50 / year

Domain Names – $150 / year (.gg domain names = $100 / yr)

CDN Content Delivery Network – $70 / year

Why haven't I received credit for my donation yet?

Please be patient, it may take a couple of days for your name to be added to the list of donors due to PayPal verification / eCheck Clearing. If it has been a week and your name is still not on the list, please contact us at contact@xgn.gg

We can not express enough how much EVERY donation means and helps this community. $1 or $100 it ALL helps and it ALL matters and is more than you as a member are required to do.

What does donating get me?

Aside from the warm feeling which comes from supporting the family, donations will earn you donor awards and reputation points.

Do I receive a promotion for donating?


How can I get VIP and how much does it cost?

You can check the prices for VIP and buy it here

Hold up, do I have to pay to be a XGN member?

No way! If you decide not to become a Supporter that’s completely up to you. The XGN community is COMPLETELY free to join and take part in!

I’ve joined XGN, how can I meet friends?

You can schedule a game session on our community forums, watch the XGN Twitch stream…or just find us on our gaming platforms and our Xbox Live Club, of course. We also like talking in real time on the XGN Discord chat. This is a growing community with lots of moving parts, so it’s easy to get lost right away. Here’s hoping you’re the like-minded type who reaches out to us and wants to play. I mean, you joined up, now speak up!

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