Events Hosts First PUBG Tournament This Saturday! By XGN Jessi 7

Get ready PUBG players! This Saturday at 12pm Eastern on Xbox One, XGN Events will be hosting the first ever Player Unknown’s Battlegrounds Tournament for Xiled Gaming Network. Bring your best team of 4 and get ready to battle it out! Take a look at the following rules that will apply during this tournament, and please take note that ONLY Xiled Gaming Network members are qualified to participate in this tournament.

1. 4 man squads only. All teammates need to be XGN members.
2. There will be no sign ups so everyone and anyone in XGN can participate at their own time
3. Upon your victory you will need to take a screenshot – You will need all teammates names on screen and the victory title
4. To win, you will need to be the first team to correctly send XGN ClamTheGod or XGN Firetrooper the screenshot on your XBOX not your PHONE of your victory!
5. The winning squad will receive a custom champ gamerpic with their squad name!

If anyone has any questions or concerns, contact XGN ClamTheGod or XGN Firetrooper on Xbox or discord!

Good luck to all teams who enter this tournament!

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