Dynasty Warriors 9 to Release Today!


On February 13, 2018 we will be greeted with another Dynasty Warriors by Omega Force on Xbox One, PS4, and Windows. The game is doing a first for the series in which they say that “the expansive land of China is shown as a single map with the introduction of an open world format for diverse progression throughout the game”. This will also include the characters from Romance of Three Kingdoms tale. It will keep one feature that has been a staple in the Dynasty series and that is the 1 vs. 1,000 which is loved by those that have played the games over the years.

Something that comes along with the Open World gameplay is that regular missions will now have an affect on the critical missions. The developers say that it can change the story with each decision. That may be why we haven’t seen a new Dynasty Warriors in almost five years. They also go on to say that some missions will give you options on how to attack. Either head on, surprise, and take them out from the high ground.

They have also introduced a new State Combo System, which will include “Flow Attacks”, “Reactive Attacks”, and “Trigger Attacks”. Also included is a new Interactive Action which allows you to use the terrain for your attacks. This will give you a broader spectrum of attacks, which who doesn’t like having more ways to attack people.

There will be a couple new characters introduced as well as the characters from the previous games which equals 85 characters to play as. One of the new characters is Cheng Pu, a Wu officer who supported the Sun family across three generations. The other is Zhou Cang, a Shu officer known for his fleetness of foot. With all these new additions will it live up to what the other games have built up or will it fall flat. The only way to find out is when you get it and see for yourself.

Source: http://www.koeitecmoamerica.com/dw9/features.html

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