GTA V Game Night and Giveaway!

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Throughout XGN, a surge of new member sponsored events has flourished. From division to division, the community has enjoyed a resurgence of friendly competitions and events. This writer had the pleasure of attending one such event with the members of Devil’s Rejects (DR) and Khaotic Ones (K1) on Saturday, June the 24th.

Hosted by one of our newest and brightest members, I Dead Emo Kid, participants enjoyed running a team of players together to accomplish goals and missions within the world of Grand Theft Auto V Online. Those present were many members from the aforementioned divisions and o hers, including (but not limited to) I Dead Emo Kid as host, XGN Radiant, XGN BubbaGump, Driver of XGN, 5niper of XGN, XGN Monkeeey, and many others.

During the course of this event, I Dead Emo Kid also took it upon himself to give a few items away – a twenty-five dollar and three dollar Xbox Cash Card and a digital download of the game Rocket League. Driver of XGN won the twenty five dollar code, XGN StilleJager the three dollar code, and 5niper of XGN the download of Rocket League. Please congratulate these individuals on their winners!

After the success of this event, I Dead Emo Kid expressed the desire to continue the tradition as a recurring event. Every Saturday, he plans to hold a game night available to any XGN members interested of any rank to enjoy the fun of Grand Theft Auto V each Saturday with friends and the possibility to be chosen for another giveaway.

Please join us in thanking I Dead Emo Kid for his efforts and generosity as well as his efforts to help the community remain fun and active.

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