Dealers of Death Splits to Brotherhood of Steel: By XGN Euphoria 7

I got sit in a party with one of the newest DIRs, XGN StilleJager, and talk to him about his opinions on the split of DoD, and the future of his divisions.

E: So how’s it feel finally splitting DoD?

S: “I’m honestly pretty stoked about it, it has been a long time coming. We had all the pieces, it was just getting them in order.”

E: I know you’ve been working towards this for awhile, what was the hardest part of working towards the split?

S: “The hardest part honestly for us was getting the people. WoT used to be easy to recruit from, that slowly turned around. Honestly, we tried to branch out and we haven’t had success; the hardest part was the people, getting the people in. Well, we finally got it and I am happy with how it turned out.”

E: What made you choose the name that you did? How many did you go through before choosing?

S:Actually it was a last minute thing, it kind of surprised me. First we had a lot of suggestions and in the end we had three. We had Iron bound wolfs; that I thought of, Merciless Rogues; something that XGN Lost Owl thought of, and then we had Bird of Prey coming from our colonel in Panzer. Ultimately, we couldn’t really decided. So what we ended up doing is talking and Sir Eros thought of BoS, I was iffy on it but then he told me if came from the brothers that were covered in steel and it runs along with the tank thing which is what DoD has always been.”

E: Now that your new Division has been created, what squads and division staff went over to BoS.

S: “In BoS, we have XGN SirEros61 is the division leader and the two COFOs are XGN Lost Owl and XGN Chopper51; The squads they have are Panzer, Tiger, and Conquerer.”

E: How does it feel to have finally attained the rank of Director?

S: “It’s honestly a little sureely. I wasn’t sure if- honestly, my biggest thing was I wanted to be a division leader at first… I wanted to get to the point to run and change things. Now here, I can do it at a larger scale and I am really happy to be here.”

E: What are your plans now that you are a Director? Any projects that you would like to start?

S: “I haven’t really decided yet, I haven’t decided what I wanted to take on.”

E: Lastly, what are your goals for these new divisions?

S: “My goals? I got a few. Ultimately, I would like to see them add more games, I believe the only ways they are going to survive is add more games…  I think the best way to have them truly grow is to have more games. Ultimately, I would love to see them split again. Nothing would please me more than to have PEIDAD and Sir Eros split and become director. I would like to ultimately have DoD and BoS interact with more divisions.”

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