Division Spotlight: Xiled Legends!

Article By: XGN SPENCE

XL is one of youngest divisions. They cover the PC and are the only PC division. The importance to branch out across multiple platforms to find like minded gamers is not only essential for growth but also great for all members. Some people have multiple consoles and want to add their XGN Family across the board. Don’t worry we’ve got you covered and we always will. Don’t take it from me though, I spoke with a few members of XL and got their opinions on the division they call home.

“I originally started on 360 and then once it was near the end I transferred to XL because I thought it was the best option for me personally. I can only say one thing that isn’t just what we think in XL, but what most people say is that not only is XL a family but so is XGN. The only time you fail is when you finally give in to that failure instead of getting help and beating it.”

“Well XL isn’t my first Div, I originated in Vanguard around 3 years ago, I was never actually known in Vanguard so I had went MIA for a while, I then decided to come back while not having an Xbox, still came back to Zulu, eventually I found out we had a PC div around September of last year. I decided to transfer as I would be better suited in XL. at the time there was only Nova squad and around December is when the division actually became a family to me after a stressful job. In short XL is a family to me. We play just about everything on PC but League of legends and CSGO are the main ones.
I don’t personally like to say that XL is better than anyone, but XL is a group of gamers that get to know each other very quickly. We use discord for everything so it’s always easy to keep connected.”  -XGN Parzival
“My division doesn’t main a certain game but the main genre of games we play would have to be mobas and fps games.
We usually sit in discord chats talking about whatever comes to mind and play whatever games we enjoy together.”
-XGN Danny
“The memes, family, and the drive that comes from it to succeed is my favorite thing about XL.The people make it the special place it is. Some of our daily activities include; gaming together, rap battles, listening to music, and hanging out with the meme machine.”
– XGN Alucard 7
Great words from some great people. XL is a place for everyone on PC. If it’s out there, then someone plays it. Want to step away from Xbox or PS4 for awhile and get down on some PC gaming? Then don’t forget to hit up our brothers and sisters in XL if you need a helping hand.
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