Division Spotlight: Triple Helix!

Article By: XGN Ap3x Wolf

For most Xiled Gaming Network is a place to call home. For the members in Triple Helix we consider ourselves to be family. We may not have the same blood running through our veins,
but through commitment, loyalty and above all determination we have strove to be in each others life. We have our fights, but it’s not about how long they may last or how brutal they can
be its about our ability to look each other in the eyes and still feel that kinship connection.

When asked the simplest question of what members call Triple Helix it’s not surprising to hear words such as, “Family”, “Students of Potential”, “Welcoming”, and “Fun-filled”. We strive as not
only members, but as people to bring forth the XGN Mission Statement. I sat down with one member and asked him, “What does students of potential mean with the
way that you emphasize it?” “Well just like me with as old as I may be, most of us have seen a lot, experienced a lot. I try, myself, to level that off in Xiled Gaming Network as a way to help mentor those who may not or will not have the chance to get that experience. I see a lot these guys and gals trying to solve all these issues and I see the potential in them as I’m sure someone saw in me and it just makes me want to teach and learn from them and bring them up with me; that’s both in rank and in knowledge!”

With a few members coming in, I felt it vital to get their perspective on what Triple Helix meant and what it was for them. The words they used to describe the day to day activities within their
squads was at the least to say astonishing. To hear words to describe Triple Helix such as; welcoming, kind, open-armed, fulfilling, just really brings warmth to my very own heart.
“Its like no matter where I go, whoever is on what squad, it honestly feels like everyone is excited for me to be there. Whether its attending game nights, going to workshops, or just
hanging out in a parties, they want me there, like they actually care about me being there! Its pretty nice when a Co-Founder shows up, comes in and treats you like a human being, or when
your division leader tells you personally congratulations on your test! It’s amazing.”

“Being able to play and not being as lonely as I was before Xiled Gaming Network and Triple Helix has impacted me a lot. I had a general group, but they weren’t on very much and
sometimes I still feel lonely, but its changed since I’ve been here and I don’t feel it as much as before.”

The lives of members in Triple Helix while being here have changed for the better. The very definition of family states that, “Family is individuals who have special meaning. They are our
foundation of support, personal cheer squad, teachers, counselors, and anything else we might need, even if we have to hear the hard truth. They comfort us and even put us in our place.”

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