Division Spotlight: Reign of Death!

Article By: XGN Jallenxo

This week I was able to dive deeper into the division I get to call home, as well as many others who we all share this division with – Reign of Death. RoD is a very diverse division ranging from members in the United States, UK, Brazil, even Australia. I was granted the opportunity to interview the members who I see on a regular basis, let me just tell you this; no one in this division had nothing but positive attitudes and positive things to say about RoD.  RoD has always a World of Tanks division, but Fortnite and CoD WWII have seemed to find a way in.

For this interview, I asked the members of RoD it express to me the pleasure of being in RoD was like; here are a few responses that stood out: “My RoD family makes me feel like part of a fun and exciting network of like minded people brought together initially to share a common love of games.” – XGN FluffyBuns
“RoD prides itself in not only quantity of its members but also the quality of its members. In the amount of time I have been here, I have been constantly and consistently been amazed by RoD’s members and leadership, and I know for a fact I will still continue to be amazed almost on a daily basis.” – XGN Savage I

Many members here in RoD have come to people in RoD and have expressed just how much RoD has become home for them when they had nothing left. It hits hard hearing the sound of their voices of those who shared; for some they had no one left to turn to, but us – the members in RoD. We took them in with open arms and showed them what a real family is supposed to feel like. We make every person feel wanted and loved; we don’t judge anyone in RoD because everyone you meet is fighting a battle you know absolutely nothing about! “RoD is the most friendly and outgoing division out of them all.” – XGN Savage I  “We are a Family in RoD.” – XGN Mysty 7

Every member that I asked what they would want others to know about RoD, they all had the same response – RoDs Division Staff. They deserve a special shoutout for all they do here in RoD:
XGNBig Dawg7 – Div Leader
XGN Mysty 7 – Co Div Leader
XGN Th3 Dude – Founder
XGN Umi VII – Founder
XGN Book – Co-Founder
XGN Hagus 7 – Co-Founder
XGN Tolgar21 – Co-Founder
Thank you all for everything you do continue to keep RoD striving to be the best division we can be!

RoD is a place where every single person can call home, from the moment they join that discord server, they are referred to as family and not anything less. RoD takes pride in everything they do, no matter what circumstances come their way, they will push through it together – side by side.

Every single person is important; we all have a purpose, just sometimes we get off our path to our purpose and have to find our way back. RoD will continue to live on to continue to grow this division many of us finally get to call home. I want to thank every single person here in this division; we are RoD and we will take pride and leadership in everything we do here. Long Live Reign of Death!

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